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Crying with COPD

Hello I have an issue I would like to know if any of you have had and how you handled it.
I have just recently paid attention to the fact that if I cry I am making my life worse with all the extra mucus and coughing, So how have any of you handled this? Is crying worth all the pain it causes to your system?

  1. I want to say thank you for your reply. And laughing sounds great, but as of late I have not had much to laugh about. 11 years ago I suddenly was being rushed to the emergency room and landed in ICU for weeks, the to top that off I had ICU psychosis a nightmare in the realest form. So real I still today will think for a second am I in that horrible place? They said I had 2 good years left. That was 11 yrs ago showed them.
    Today if I must go back to hospital they have to give me shot or something that makes stop fighting them. I'm just to horrived. After I got home the first time in short I lost everything I had worked so hard for all my live job, house, was and can not live alone. Then my Father my dearest friend, dad and I were close he passed September 24th. I'm almost afraid I'll never stop crying if I ever started.
    Thanks for reading about boring live, if live is what you want to call it.

    1. you be careful with them close calls. scary ant it, been there done that, but now I over take stuff.
      10-25-21 I would have bet money I sent this already today, I would have lost to. Lol
      But I guess I own ½ of 3m in sticky notes lol
      Tom, I hope I have not scared you of by all my bible study, But I tend to forget things very easy, so I like to get things done while they are on my mind. Also you will find I have no English such as periods and commas. I never like English so now grown up I pay for not listening in school. That being said,
      Tell me about yourself age, why do you have COPD? What stage. How long and when did you develop this? How long have you been out of work with this and how did you make it at first? I mean with out a pay check and all, do you have a wife and kids?
      You know all that kind of stuff. Lol
      Bull headed? We must be one in the same, my grandmother used to call me wooden head. Lol
      But so very true. I got my COPD from ½ smoking and the Dr could not figure out the amount that I has smoked how did my lungs get so bad, the ran every test known to man the were going to start and test for heretic but as I was doing my favorite past time Mosaics I happen to see in the sun light coming in this stuff floating around in the air. Seemed to settle on my work bench, I scooped some of it in a bag and took to by doctor. It was glass shards.,
      who would have thought,(everyone but me) I was self taught and never even thought of putting something over my nose and mouth and I did this hobby for hours on end and for 6 to 7 years. so I did not just stretch out my alveoli sacs with my luck I chopped mine off with glass. My father made me a shop in a shed outback of his house so I could still work but use the super masks(which did not work) and he drilled a hole in the brick for my tubing we would hook up 50 cords to go out to the building it was great. Stressing the word WAS.
      I to have given away most all I have but my car I even gave my 2 building with all my hobbies.
      My pride and joy Grandson got the buildings. And my car is in his name to for when I do pass no one can take it from him.
      I will try to explain the spreadsheets later, and I will look at the you tube as well
      but right now I need to get off my rear and get some work done.
      Later Sonia

      PS Revelation what I do is a little research the get started for example The Victory of Christ
      there are some interesting things there, I want to have the information ready at my finger tips instead of loosing my train of thought like. The Dragon (Satan) he was introduced in Rev. in Rev 12:9,13 but was defeated in Rev. 20:10. cast into lake of fire and brimstone; tormented day and night. So when my studying gets to this there is no need to flip back or forward to locate it scripture, it all right there in my spread sheet and I can do a control f and find any word in any sheet all at once instead of sheet by sheet so see it may hinder some but it helps me.
      And if I have the 7 churches charted I can at a glance see which 2 of the 7 did not get any
      criticism so that's how it works for me,
      good night Sonia

    2. Hey, first of all talking about the bible never scares me off. Next is the English thing, if someone does not like it they don't need to read it, problem solved! School, hmm, don't want to talk about school. The only good thing was graduation but then came the Army and Viet Nam. Enough on that also, thank you.
      I am 75, started smoking a little at 14, steady at 18 till I quit at 60 at just over a pack a day. Both parents smoked both had emphesmia as well.
      I am at stage 3, lung capacity at maybe 40%, into my 3rd year. I was diagnosed after I was retired and divorced. After I retired I started mowing yards, at one point I had 24 a week. Then as I aged and people passed and moved I did not really try to replace them. As my lungs became worse I could no longer do it alone so I tried hiring guys to help but that was totally a waste as they would not show up. So eventually I had to stop. Does COPD bother me? Frustration more than anything else. I've accepted that I am going to pass on from it and I am ok with that. Reason is our country is going to pot in a hurry with all the killings. Kids killing parents, parents killing kids, just exactly as the Word of God states so clearly. Drugs, wars, No I don't care for it. I have 2 absolutely great sons. I have prayed for years that they would become better fathers than I was/am and they greatly surpassed that mark. Plus my grand-kids are just like them. YES!
      I also have protected my stuff. Set up a trust for my sons...
      Sounds like you now your way around the computer.
      Now it's your turn,how old are you? Married, diagnosed? What stage? How long? What kind of work are you talking about?
      Close call, I will, today, gather up every part that is required from the tank to my nose and put it in a bag and keep it in my truck. Swivels, tubing, washers, connectors, and a regulator that got "misplaced" some time ago. I will not be caught in that situation again.

  2. Hi Sunshine, and thanks for your post. While I'm hopeful others in the community will chime in and share their own personal experiences, I have something to say as well.
    My thought is that crying, like any other exertion, may be helping to loosen up the mucus which then might be stimulating the cough.
    For many with this condition, the mucus production is ongoing and at times, it doesn't take much to stimulate coughing and expulsion of the loosened mucus.
    As a comparison - folks have mentioned something similar happens to them when they are having a good laugh!
    What do you think?
    Leon (site moderator

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