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Covid and COPD

As I read about the symptoms of Covid I’m struck with the similarity between COPD and Covid. If this is the case what are the chances that research and new drugs will discovered that will benefit COPD patients? Have you heard anything about this?

  1. A very valid observation. The main symptom that got me wondering is the shortness of breath that Covid patients seem to experience. I’m guessing it’s because of lung damage. I really don’t know. But surely some researchers/doctors would be looking into this to alleviate that devastating symptom. I know COPD ranks quite low on the list for funds and research. I was hoping because Covid hit so many people all over the world that maybe, with help, we could move higher on the list. Thanks Leon for your input. You keep us real and grounded.

    1. Hi. This is an interesting topic you bring up. I am at the present time not aware of any new COPD drugs that have resulted from COVID research. Although, it is not above the realm of possibility that further research in this area may result in some better medicines to help all of us with lung diseases. I will definitely keep my eyes and ears pealed. And if anything further is learned about this topic, I will (and others in this community to) keep you posted. Thanks again for the topic idea. It will be curious to learn what others have to say on this topic. John. Community Moderator.

      1. Thanks John. Your train of thought seems in sync with mine. I was hoping since science was able to come up with a vaccine in record time that scientists would keep that energy going and work towards alleviating some of the life altering effects of not only Covid but other lung diseases as well. I have hope not only for those of us with COPD but others with lung disease. We seem to be living in a time where medical break throughs are within our reach. Again, many thanks John for your thoughts.

    2. Hi , and thanks for your post. I would say that although some of the symptoms appear to be similar (as are many disease symptoms), the etiologies are completely different. Keep in mind the COVID-19 is caused by a virus, whereas COPD is not caused by an organism of any kind.
      What do you think?
      Leon (site moderator

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