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COPD with attendant Fibromyalgia

Please feel free to tell me again how well exercise works so great when you are living with this combo. I can manage isometrics and that's about all.

  1. Do you have a friend that you could skype with or use your tablet together, while you exercise? That could be fun. 😀

    Janet (site moderator/

    1. I understand exercise is very Important, but actually doing them by yourself is difficult to do !! I need the energy of other people around me for motivation!

      1. Hi Gulliver07 and thanks for your comment. You make a good point! For some, the camaraderie, energy and encouragement of doing exercises in a group setting is very beneficial. Still for others, the solitude of exercising can hold its own appeal.

        To know what works best for you has to be an advantage, although the challenges of exercising in public gyms now may pose its own set of issues.

        How do you plan to manage this for yourself? Did you have any thoughts or ideas as to how to move forward?

        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. You may want to talk with your doctor about getting into physical rehabilitation for your fibro, or maybe the pulmonary rehab can suggest exercises for your fibro as well. Physical Therapy is something that doctor's would recommend.

      Janet (site moderator/

      1. Hi doccat5

        I feel for you, having the combination of fibro and COPD. I have both myself, plus others. It can make for a painful and miserable day. I hope that it isn't affecting your breathing very much.

        Have you talked with your doctor about pulmonary rehab? If not, I would mention it. Those exercises can be very good.

        Here are a couple of links from others who talk about exercise:

        Please let us know if you are doing pulmonary rehab.
        Janet (site moderator/

        1. Pulmonary Rehab is a wonderful thing! However Medicare will only pay for a certain number of visits in your lifetime. It’s a one time deal. With C.O.P.D. Being the third largest killer in the U.S. you would think the insurance companies would help people with this disease a bit more !!! We NEED more help !!!!

        2. I hear you.
          I wasn’t able to stay with physical therapy, so they gave me printouts of the exercises that I should do at home, with them the instructions. Since it was my last pt, he had me go thru each of them so that I would know how to physically do them as well. That was a bonus.

          I hope that you find something to help.
          There are some good exercises on pulmonary rehab on You Tube, but be sure that they are good for you. You might show them to your doc or see if he will at least schedule one appointment for you
          Janet (site moderator/

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