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copd info and sites

these sites have great info and i and many others have learned quite a few things that are helpful with copd . however , i would like to see sites like this one and others lobby our senators and reps to push the medical field and research teams to find a CURE for copd or treatment to stabilize it. kind of like they have done with HIV. senators and reps could push for more moneys to be set aside for research and demand the the tobacco company's direct funds to help research find a cure quick . i am thankful for my copd meds . they do help but its kind of of a band aid . its not a cure and i am sure with proper funding a cure could be found . copd is the 3rd leading cause of death, it would make common sense to try hard to find a cure soon !

  1. I haven't seen anything new in stem cell research for COPD, however, I have seen trials using stem cells for other issues. Is there anything on the horizon?

    1. , here is an article we have from 2020 on stem cell research It is definitely something to keep our eye on! All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

  2. I have spent several years studying research articles on COPD, mostly through publications available on PLOS One and Elsevier. The problem seems to be one of follow-through. Researchers present a number of ideas that could be of use to improve treatments, but the ideas are rarely translated into clinical trials, so we're stuck with treatments that are rather ineffective (at least they aren't effective for me.) Usually, the "new" treatments you see advertised are simply a mixture of three existing medicines that show a marginal improvement in symptoms when compared to combinations of any two of those medications.
    I have published a series of articles available at that describe what I did for my own COPD by developing separate treatments for the two most frequent components of COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, using existing products.
    I don't want to call it a "cure", but I no longer have significant symptoms.
    I keep hoping that people smarter than me will formulate and properly test a new treatment, but there really is a lack of urgency, so I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    1. , I appreciate you sharing what has worked for you but just wanted to drop a reminder that it is important for everyone to discuss anything new they want to try with their personal physician because we cannot offer medical advice via the internet for everyone's safety! Thanks, Sam S. (, team member).

    2. You make an important point. is not and should not be considered a source of medical advice. The website simply offers information. Nothing more.

  3. . I suggest, Perry, that your use of the word "cure" is too hopeful. COPD is a cover name for a number of different medical conditions, each requiring a different approach. For example one type is emphysema which is the physical destruction of cells in the lung(s). Unfortunately I cannot see new cells being create and inserted into the damaged areas which is what you are suggesting. Ther types of COPD affect other organs - the heart being one such. that can be replaced at considerable cost to another person!!!!
    What we need to a method of
    a) early diagnosis which would require a major rethink of medical and social circles. Here we have about 900,000 diagnosed cases out of a total suspected 3,000,000 actual cases!
    b) keeping diagnosed patients from getting worse. There are well known methods of slowing down the progression such as exercise and avoiding the bacteria/viruses which cause exacerbations. A relatively recent field of study is the microbiome wherein lie the bacteria etc which regulate our immune system. In some areas this area of study is bringing unexpected advances though COPD does not appear to be an examined field yet
    I was diagnosed in 2005 after 2 years of symptoms. My (understanding!) doctor has advised me to be careful of altitude, no doubt referring to the local tax free shopping mall and ski centre at 2080metres (6800 feet) where I do have to move slowly. Yes, my self treatment is unusual but like you I am deteriorating slowly

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. I agree that there could be much more urgency in the search for a COPD cure. There are many exciting research avenues that will hopefully lead to a cure before long. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day and thank you again for reaching out. - John M. ( Team)

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