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COPD in this times

What mental health issues are you currently facing with the current situation? How has COVID affected you stress or anxiety?

  1. Initially I refused to wear a mask but when I took my brother in for some tests I was required to wear one and had to wait outside. I cannot breathe through those things, even the paper ones. Whether or not you believe the research on how effective they are, they were required in many places so I was very isolated until recently when things opened up. Does anyone else have problems breathing through those awful masks?! Even my doctor refused to see me in person without one so I had to do an online visit and I was horrified to see the nurse wearing both a mask and a face shield to do an online initial questioning.
    So that is my mental health issue--I never get lonely but the feeling of being a pariah isn't pleasant. Now "they" are starting the vaccine insistence and denying services, in many cases. Heck, I can't even get my cataract surgery unless I'm vaccinated and wear a mask during the procedure. Sometimes I feel like I'm under constant mental and emotional assault.
    Thanks for the subject, it was good to vent!

    1. Hi , I hear how frustrating and difficult this has been for you. I think many of our community members can agree that the pandemic has been very hard on their mental health. Hopefully, things start to improve soon, hang in there! All the best, Sam S. (COPD.Net Team Member).

  2. Those are interesting answers. I guess after reading time and time again about the effects of the pandemic, we should get used to the new normal.

    1. What great questions! I'll be watching closely for the responses from our community members. As I speak to people personally some of the recent topics that have come up is the isolation factor, the uncertainty of the future regarding safety from the virus, and wondering about the longevity of the vaccine and how often a booster will be needed. I'm sure there are many more COVID related subjects causing concern and anxiety.

      Lyn (site moderator

      1. These are really valid concerns. I find it hard to deal with those sometimes.

      2. They are valid! I think we're all having a little difficulty wrapping our minds around this current situation. But, remember, "this too will end". We just hope sooner rather than later.
        Try to keep your chin up.
        Lyn (site moderator

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