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COPD and the Vaxx 2

I must also add that I was diagnosed with COPD in 2004 with chronic bronchitis and mild emphysema basically COPD. I have never had a flu shot and I have had the flu 3 times in 66 years. Twice before I started smoking menthol cigarettes and one time after in the early '80s. I am not on a lot of meds either.
By the grace of God and watching or controlling what I consume has helped a lot along the way. Especially after retiring from a very stressful career as an electrical engineer for 35+ years! My stress relief has always been my music and playing bass guitar since 1964. I hope that my words are inspiring to many and they understand that they still have control over COPD if you logically think about your lifestyle.

  1. Don’t get it so…. Have a look at this before finally making up your mind!

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      1. If I may also say, get off the main stream medias and do some research available from other well known professionals even the testing that is going on around the world concerning covid19. I look at it this way, in America it is what the main stream medias are not telling you that you should afraid of. And the old saying still goes... Money talks and bull s**t walks. I will leave it at that.

        1. Are your a doctor? Are you passing judgement on me by your nature or simply because I do not think the same as you? I never said it was the flu. But it is odd that the flu seasons have not mentioned in 2 years.

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