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COPD and cataract surgery

I am having cataract surgery. I cough a lot and deeply to bring up mucus.I am afraid the coughing will effect my eyes after surgery. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks

  1. Hi , and thanks for sharing this with the community. I am hopeful others in the community will see your inquiry and respond by sharing their own anecdotal experiences here with you.
    I have something to contribute as well. Remember, that all patients are not the same - what works and is effective for one patient, may not be as suitable for another.

    In order to allay your very practical concerns, my suggestion would be to address this with the ophthalmic surgeon who will be performing the procedure. If it turns out that coughing might be an issue, the doctor may be able to prescribe something to better control the cough during surgery. The doctor will certainly be able to advise you so that you are more confident and less apprehensive about your particular situation.
    What do you think?
    Leon L (author/moderator)

    1. I am scheduled for cataract surgery even though I wont be totally put to sleep just a sedative i am terrified that my breathing will cause problems

      1. Hi . Your trepidation is understandable. Our eyes are so delicate. The thought of anything going wrong can be very upsetting. My guess is that your surgeon has dealt with issues like this before. Have you talked with your doctor about your concerns? As suggested, maybe your doctor can work with your pulmonologist to prescribe something that will keep your cough at bay during surgery. Thankfully, it is a quick surgery. So, you won't be under sedation long. When is your surgery, if you don't mind me asking? Sending lots and lots of healthy vibes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Hi, Wanda! I do not have COPD (I am one of the trained staff members here), but I did have cataract surgery a year ago. It may give you some peace of mind to know that the procedure is very quick -- I was in the operating room for about 10 minutes -- and was provided with oxygen throughout. There should be an anesthesiologist with you to monitor your breathing and vital signs, and they will be able to provide any support you need. Don't be afraid to talk openly with the anesthesiologist and your surgeon to make sure everyone is on the same page.

        My hope for you is that you find that it was easier than you hoped. 😀 And of course, that you enjoy better vision once you recover! Please keep us posted, okay? All the best! -Melissa, copd team

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