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COPD and Caregivers and Agencies

Obviously we are independently independent. Those of us on Oxygen know our bodies don't get enough so we need to pave and get he caregivers should realize we aren't being rude or angry. We are greatful for the help. Our bodies shut down and oxygen goes to where most needed. Our throats are dry or clogged up with mucus so I'd we sound estranged we aren't angry. We aren't ride we are in trouble. A trained caregiver will catch this. A non medical companion might not. So as they say we can't chew gum and walk.

  1. - thank you for sharing your thoughts on that subject. It's so true that it really does take a special person to be a caregiver. Not only training, but also just the right personality; one that's unselfish and willing to give of their time and attention. Any of us who have had the pleasure of such a caregiver is truly fortunate.

    Lyn (COPD site moderator)

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