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1st thank you all on the reply on azithromycin , put my mind at rest.
i have a hospital bed here but cant sleep in it , keep sliding down , wake up cant breath ? so sleep in a chair with my feet on a box .
dont sleep too well but feel better ? but ankles swell up , even though i raise them on a box . yes it is padded . dosent help cos im diabetic now to , mines not high but low . normaly about 5.6 to 6.8 tops.
i realy need some sleep , any ideas please . also my sats go from 8.1 to 9.1 at night , no i dont have oxegen , doctors are thinking about me having this ? any one in the same boat , love to here . thanks ian

  1. I bought a recliner chair for sleeping had same problems was worth the investment for me.I also am a borderline diabetic and found lack of slt help the leg swelling for me. So many aspects of copd it is unreal. I am constantly trying to make life better for myself trying to figure it out is trial and error but the people with same symptoms as I help when reading about it.Good luck!Manuforty

    1. I'm tagging just in case they didn't see your post! - John M. ( Team)

  2. It's really terrible to be unable to sleep! Everyone needs their sleep to function well.

    It sounds like besides COPD, diabetes is an issue for you. Both can cause disruptions in sleep. There are some practical things you can do to make sure you get a better nights sleep. This article that was highlighted a while back on this site had some very helpful tips. I hope some of them work for you.

    I would also really recommend speaking to your doctor about the swelling of your feet and ankles.

    Lyn (COPD site moderator)

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