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Has anyone had twilight sleep cataract surgery?

I saw my ophthalmologist just prior to the coronavirus. Since then I have started wearing my oxygen 24/7. On level 2. My pulmonologist says to wear at night and if I go below 88%. I went below 88 a couple times, anxiety thru the roof! Using oxygen 24/7 instead of tranquilizer.

Cataract surgery with COPD

I had scheduled the cataract surgery 2 days before the virus hit. I need to reschedule with eye dr. My eyes are worse and worse. Anyone had the surgery with COPD? Thanks for any ideas and shared thoughts.

  1. Hi Frogger, I’m thinking of you and wondering how you are doing?
    Do you have an appointment next week?
    Please keep us posted.
    Janet (site moderator/

    1. Thanks please read answers to everyone. Appreciate everyone’s input.

      1. Hi again, Frogger - I am all caught up with your replies. We appreciate you responding to everyone.
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Hi Janet, Thanks again for being with me on this site. I appreciate everyone’s input. COPD was scary enough for me . My Pulmonologist (awesome doctor- really listens and answers honestly). He thinks that if I am more comfortable staying on my old meds that it would be fine. The nebulizer meds are for the same results but maybe easier to take deeply into lungs. If everything goes as planned I am rescheduled for July 15, and 29. Appointment in office on 2nd. COVID virus on the rise in Arizona. Still may cancel. What do you think ? I hate the anxiety. The anxiety came with the hospitalization for back surgery that got infected with mrsa and learning about COPD and surgery. On man I an just whining and whining sorry and thank you.

      1. Hi Frogger, great to hear from you.
        It’s good that you are talking with your pulmonologist. Your lungs are most important so it’s good that you are on top of those. I hope the nebs work well for you.
        Keep us posted on how you are doing.
        Know that we are here for you.
        Janet (site moderator/

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