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Can exacerbations caused by covid19 be corrected

Copd was quite manageable and not so problematic until contracting Covid19.
Will conditions return to the levels that existed before Covid infection?

  1. Hi . That is really hard to say, especially since we are not medical experts. Many of our members have recovered fully from multiple bouts of COVID while others have not been so lucky. How long ago did you have it? Even for people without COPD, symptoms can sometimes linger for weeks after a negative test result. What has your doctor said? Thinking of you and sending lots of gentle hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I contracted Covid in the middle of this past December. Right before the copd started acting up, I went into A-Fib, and had a cardioversion. Then some pneumonia and finally the copd stepped up. Prior to that the copd was manageable with a small amount of dyspnea after exertion. Doctor is working on correlations now.

      1. Wow you sure did have a lot going on back to back and wore you right out by the sounds of it. I am just another COPDer and from what you just told us, gee's I feel for you. Anyone of these things or a combination of them all could have made some changes to your breathing (COPD) I would think, but then again I am not a medical professional either. As already stated it would be best to see your doctor(s), but then you stated that your doctor is already starting to help you out with this. I wish you so much luck and hoping you get back to what was your normal before this Winter showed up and brought this new trouble to you.

    2. Thanks dltld,
      I appreciate your concerns.

      1. Hi - I have been following this conversation since last night. I see both my colleague, , and good community member, , have provided their own brand of support and encouragement.
        I have something to contribute as well. Between the pulmonary issues (COPD and COVID), and the cardiac concerns (atrial fibrillation with cardioversion), you certainly have a full medical plate. My heart goes out to you!
        As you may be aware, COPD affects each patient differently. Having said that, it is also true that COVID can have a significant impact on COPD. This, of course, will vary from patient to patient, There is a further classification of COVID that is known as "Long COVID". I thought you might gain some additional insight for this aspect of the disease from this material, which focuses on that very topic:
        This may be something that you will want to discuss with your physician. Perhaps this is what is happening in your case. What do you think?
        Leon L (author/moderator)

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