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What's the best daily inhaler with the LEAST amount of side effects? If you're happy with yours, what are you using?

I was just diagnosed two days ago with moderate COPD. The doctor gave me Anoro and Albuterol. Anoro has a scary list of side effects and not too positive of reviews from what I've read. People complained of chest and leg pain, so I'm afraid to take it. Looking for suggestions from regular people who have already been there and done that. Thank you!!

  1. Hi Cassie1977: I have had COPD for 20 years and have used SPIRIVA 8 once a day ) and Symbicort 160 ( two inhalations every 12 hours). That is if I remember whether I did it or not. A few periods of 70% SpO2 has screwed up my shortterm memory. So there are times when I probasbly have gone without it rather than take the chance of double dosing. I have never had any problems using the bronchodilators.
    I hope you have found relief with your problem. All the best Sleibhin

    1. Hi Sleibhin, and thank you for chiming in here with your own personal experiencing managing COPD with the medication you've shared. We appreciate your feedback. We also value you lending your own support and encouragement, as well.

      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Hi. This is controversial but I cannot use any of the inhalers, so I use none. I too have moderate COPD, asthma, Emphysema and Interstitial lung disease. But my body won't accept any of the inhalers...I get sicker; I cannot stop coughing, often I sneeze, and I get sick to my stomach.
    Clearly allergenic reaction.

    My Doctor put me on daily dose of Singular and steroids (oral) when needed--no more than 3x a year.

    I changed my eating habits, my sleeping habits and I shower a lot more than I ever did. I cannot use even a rescue inhaler tho I keep one just in case...they are uncomfortable but so is suffocating.

    I DO use various herbs and spices in my food, my coffee and I also keep whole cloves nearby..always. Chewing a clove ONE clove is difficult to get use to but it is well worth the discomfort. The liquid in the clove opens by breathways immediately. Added bonus--clove breath! Not a bad thing.

    DO check with your Doctor first.

    1. Hello Cassie1977, thank you for reaching out! I hear how overwhelming it feels to be newly diagnosed with COPD. It is a lot to process. Finding the best treatment for you can take time as there are a variety of options and all bodies respond in different ways. While you wait for others to share their experiences with you, I thought these articles might be of interest:
      I'm glad you are doing your research and carefully considering what treatments you are most comfortable using. Do remember that whatever anyone else shares is their experience, and as all bodies are unique, you may or may not respond similarly.
      Additionally, I thought this article about moderate COPD might also be relevant for you:
      Please keep us posted on how you are managing and what you decide to try as you begin treatment for COPD. Know we are here to listen anytime you need support. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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