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Belly Bloat and COPD

Do you suffer from belly bloat with your COPD? How do you manage? What tips can you offer others?

  1. I walk around till the gas starts spilling out

    1. Yes

      1. do you have any tips to share that you have found helpful in dealing with the bloating? Best, Sam S. (COPD team).

    2. I'm not sure if my bloating is from cold or from ciliac disease. I have to wait until my appointment with the gastroenterologist to see if my bloating is from that.

      1. I meant copd.

        1. Hi . Are you in the process of getting a Celiac disease diagnosis or have you been diagnosed for a while? Celiac disease can have some strange effects, depending on which nutrients fail to absorb. I am glad you doctor is considering all the possibilities. I hope your appointment goes well and that you get some relief. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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