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What the heck?

Sunday was the 10th day of a 10 day streak of "bad days". I couldn't take it anymore so checked myself in to the hospital.

I should say I'm a former heavy smoker, male, age 69, and have stage 4 emphasema. I take my meds as directed, never smoke or drink in the past 2 years.

Anyway, after 24 hours in the hospital, I'm feeling 90% better and the only thing the doctor did was take me off the half dozen meds I had been taking and put me on ONLY nebulizer Combivent.

Ok, 2 more days I the hospital and I go home.

Within a few hours of being home, I'm starting to feel poorly again. My regular breathing is ok and my O2 is at 96%, just like before. But my symptoms are that I find it extremely difficult to take that extra sort of deeper breath every once in awhile, my skin will start to feel kinda prickly or crawly, and just a general feeling of uneasiness.

It's gotta be psychological or something environmental, do you think?

I live in a rural area and personally have a number of dogs, chickens, and geese. I thought allergies of course except I've never been allergic to anything in my life.


  1. Hi CM136, and thanks for sharing your recent medical history (10 out of 10 bad days, an admission, medication change, and then being discharged to home). We appreciate your candor with the community.
    I see my colleague, , has already responded and made a couple of practical suggestions - I agree with what he has said. I do hope you have an opportunity to review his comment.
    As well, I would suggest you tell, in detail, everything you shared here with the community, with your physician. It is just these types of histories (from the patient), that can assist the diagnosing physician in treating you properly. The fact that you did so well, so quickly, in the hospital setting with (what appears to be) minimal intervention may speak to your home environment causing these issues for you. It would be important, as John suggested, you reach out for the doctor sooner rather than later.
    What do you think?
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Hi. Thank you for posting here. Glad that you checked yourself into a hospital, and that they were able to help you feel better. That said, we cannot diagnose or offer medical advice over the Internet, for your own safety of course. Although, I do have a few comments that you may find helpful. Based on what you describe here, it does sound like something in your home environment (as you note, possibly allergies) may be triggering your symptoms. That is certainly a possibility. And based on the fact that you are currently experiencing symptoms, it may be helpful to talk to your COPD physician sooner rather than later. And if you feel you need to, to check back in with your local hospital. A doctor should have ideas to get you feeling better, and then to help you better manage your COPD in your home environment. What do you think? John. community moderator

      1. I would say it is,Feel better!

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