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Back the the ER

I was back in the ER on Monday evening. My blood pressure spiked to an unbelievable 194/104. Of course the visit was for over 5 hours. I had full bloodwork, chest x-ray, and an EKG. All came back normal. I was given some meds and waited there until the BP came down to the 140s. I was given a prescription for Hydrazaline 25mg and only take it when the BP goes over 150. Due to COPD, I could not tell the ER doctor if I had shortness of breath or chest pain. My inhaler (Bevespi) side effects are higher BP and chest pain among others. I had higher BP this morning and took a Hydrazaline, and it brought my BP down to a reasonable level. I have an appointment with my Pulmonologist/PCP on Monday morning as a follow up and see if we can get this under control. It has not been a fun week. High BP anxiety is not helping. I am doing my best to keep it under control. Today is my 44th wedding anniversary and the plans we had went out the door. But such is life. I am still alive and kicking. Will see what the doctor has to say on Monday. I am hoping Bevespi is not the culprit, because it works really well for my breathing. I will update the forum when I know more.

  1. BP that high is scary! I’m glad you have a medicine to keep it under control for the time being. Sorry about having to cancel your Anniversary plans but Happy 44th to you guys. I hope you get some answers on what is causing these spikes in your BP and can get it leveled out soon. My best to you, Becky (moderator)

    1. Hi Dminor, flipping herk that is high BP you have been through the mill again, I am also so glad you have something to take for this to keep it under control. I will keep a look out for your up date.Take Care and GOD BLESS to you my dear friend. Easier said than done but try and keep that anxiety low also.X

      1. ,
        Thank you for the reply. It has been a rough 6 months. Seems like one thing after another. While the Hydralazine keeps the BP down, it has terrible side effects. I feel worse taking it than I felt with the high BP. But it is better than a heart attack or a stroke. I will definitely ask my doctor on Monday for something else. I can't handle this stuff. I will post after I get back from the doctor. Hope all is well for you. Happy Easter to you!

    2. Hi Dminor, will wait for your update, I would also like to say a very Happy Easter to you also.X

      1. Hi Dminor, that is good news, I hope is stays a one off spike it does help when you have a good medical team, I also have one let's also hope that last antibiotics keep things at bay for as long as possible.Just keep an eye on that blood pressure easier said than done I know. Thankyou for the update Dminor, You look after yourself and take things as slow as you are able to at this point. Keep your chin up and keep smiling God Bless you.X

      2. & CopdGirl,
        Thanks you all for the replies. I do take a very proactive approach to my own health. I feel taking that approach is tantamount for success in my own health. I have to do my part or there is no point in going to the doctor. We all are pretty much responsible for our own health under the guidance of our medical team. Melissa, I hear ya on the anxiety of taking my own BP. But after seeing my doctor today, I feel much more comfortable about it. CopdGirl, just reading your replies makes me smile. Thank you both for being there to listen. Take care and God Bless!

    3. what a week for you! Glad things are looking up for the better. Its great that you are so proactive in your care and having a excellent medical team surrounding you has to help ease the anxiety with quick responses and answers. Your doing a great job by the sounds of it and GONGRATS on 44 years! Celebrate that everyday you can my friend, everyday you can! Hugs to you and your bride

      1. Hi Dminor, yes it is good to see your blood pressure going down, My husbands was going to high and now on different medications it is keeping it lowered down, thank goodness.I am glad they are keeping a close eye on you Dminor.X

      2. Hi Melissa, YEP you are right my Mam and Brother had copd and than my brother got lung cancer, they too lost a lot of weight saying that though Mam was a slim lady anyway. But they had to try and put weight on somehow, in my Mam,s case I remember a nurse saying eat all the things that she can to gain weight, that most people avoid to lose weight.X

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