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Does anyone sleep in a recliner?

Does anyone with COPD sleep in a recliner? If so please share benefits.

  1. I sleep in a recliner because if I lay flat in a bed i just cant unclog my sinuses enough to breathe. i have been sleeping in chair for about 10 years now. Sadly I missed out on a lot of spooning with my lady and now i am alone

    1. My husband, Chris, has end stage COPD and sleeps in a recliner.

      1. Hi again, 2choozee, and thanks for letting us know how your husband, Chris, manages his sleeping at this time. I did see your other post here on, which was about Chris' condition changing. I was able to provide a response to you there. For ease of reference, here is a link to that conversation:
        I do hope you have an opportunity to look it over.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

      1. Hi all.. this may sound very silly, but my Grandfather had a lot of trouble breathing ( No COPD) diagnosis then and getting settled at night so they actually used to put the two top legs of his bed on bricks!!! There were NO recliners in those days, lol so it worked. Cheap solution if it works for you. I have severe COPD and I use 4 firm pillows and a turn pillow for my arm to keep my lungs from closing. Sending love and best wishes to you all.

        1. Hi Lindy P, and thanks so much for sharing your own personal experience managing this condition with the community. Look at the ingenuity that your grandfather's generation was able to use in the absence of reclincers!! And of course, nowadays, many folks with this condition use the 'several pillow' method to keep their torso propped up in a manner that makes it easier for them to breathe. Glad to hear that works for you as well.
          We appreciate both your input and your feedback.
          Thanks for the good wishes as well - we'll send them right back 'at ya!'.
          Wishing you well,
          Leon (site moderator

        2. HI. Thank you for posting. Actually, that does not sound very silly at all. Putting the head of the bed up at night was a common suggestion for people who struggled to breathe at night -- back in the mid 80s this was also a treatment to help prevent nighttime gastric reflux, which may also sometimes trigger nighttime asthma. As far as I know it may still be a recommendation for some people. Wishing you all the best. John. community moderator

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