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42, just found out I have COPD

I have gotten pneumonia at least 2 times a year for the last 3 years. Had a chest x-ray in March, and then my Dr. quit. Was feeling Exhausted, sick and tired last week, was getting short of breath so found a new Dr. in same practice. She pulled up my chest x-ray, and confirmed the COPD my old Dr. didn't tell me about. Was tested for the Covid 2 times in 3 days, and the Flu. All came back Negative. She said my lungs exacerbated, and caused an infection and that once I feel 100% or close to it to come back for breathing tests. She prescribed an inhaler, and antibiotics.

I need to stop smoking, change diet, exercise.. I don't know where to start! I work home health full time. I leave home before 8 am, get home after 5 pm. Online searches led me here. What can I expect? What do I do? I've been tired for months, and had no clue why till this.

I had thought it was all because of 3 funeral 2 weeks apart since Sept. The last was my 93 yo grandmother in October. Advice would be welcome. My husband doesn't understand the tired. He just keeps telling me to stop smoking, and to go to bed earlier. Like that helps! It actually makes me want to smoke more.... which is BAD. I feel lost, and now a lot of things my body has been feeling for a while make sense. Just don't know what to do or where to start. Can't go back to Dr. till January, at the earliest.. and that's if I feel better. Also need to ask if she can pull up the EKG results I should have had from my old Dr. in March, but again, he did not share anything with me. And after being told about the COPD, I didn't ask her that day.

What the heck are the breathing tests? What is considered good or bad on those? So confused.

  1. I was 40 when I was diagnosed. I'm 64 now and 3rd stage. I continued to smoke after diagnosis till 54...big mistake! You are going to quit eventually one way or another so do it now. I have a good life andxam still working. Exercise is key. I swim 3 times a week for 30 minutes when it is not covid, walk, bike, hike. I believe it is why I got this far. Clean up the diet and keep moving. My dad lived to 96 with copd. He was 4th stage by 90.

    1. Doctors typically know nothing about vaping. Ask your doc about oxygen...they don't know much about that either. It's best to just know what's in your vape. Usually you'll find PG, VG, and a flavoring of your choice. If you want nicotine you can have it, or not.

      Also it's important to know all the poisons in smoking. Why? Because the folks that would discourage your use of vaping will try to keep you smoking rather than see you vape something you enjoy and 'get away with'.... in other words, non-smokers don't want others enjoying vaping along with knowing it's not killing them. Non-smokers can just be mean sometimes. But know that most of them want you to keep smoking rather than take the safer route of vaping, which might be the only thing that will stop most folks from smoking. If this post gets deleted, then I may be the only one here that knows that what I'm saying is true.

      Good luck, it's a cruel world out there.

      1. Hi, all. Thank you so much for commenting on this thread sharing your personal experiences with quitting smoking! We really appreciate you chiming in here with your insight and words of support, and of course shedding light on your own emotional experiences with COPD, too.

        I'm glad vaping has aided you in quitting smoking! It seems by both of your stories, it was a really helpful route in quitting for good. Congratulations on such a major accomplishment.

        It's important for us to note that what may help one person may not necessarily help another on their journey. We strongly encourage anyone looking to try something new or a different route to quit smoking to speak with their doctor(s) first to keep them in the loop and work together on a plan.

        Thank you again for this discussion. Nobody is alone in this. This community is here for our members, whenever <3

        Wishing everyone a gentle weekend,
        -Alesandra ( Team)

        1. eileen is right. There are a lot of emotions involved in COPD.

          But looking back, you might be better off just relaxing and taking one day at a time, because it takes forever for COPD to do you in. Years and years. So do your best to vape instead of smoking and you should do fine for a very long time indeed.

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