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I hear you on that. I quit coffee caffeinated drinks long time ago. Decaf, lots of water and really not a big soda drinker. Smoking is my enemy. Working on a support system. I quit for 2 yrs. One weak moment was all it took. I will never stop trying. Thank you for your insight. I appreciate it.

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Hi Prabha and thanks for your question. Many community members have spoken about being on supplemental oxygen and being able to travel. There are portable cylinders and portable oxygen concentrators. Depending on the kind of traveling you’re planning while help determine which type of device you will need. I thought this article might provide you…

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Thank you for your post, Stanley;
Someone, somewhere, is worse off than I am. I needed to hear that.
I’m doing laundry this morning, I plan on changing the bed then taking a nap. I have to rest up for game-night these days! Being around people, cannula and all, is important for me. It helps keep me stable, avoid self-pity and to keep my sense of…