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Sorry for the late reply. Not sure how I missed this comment. That’s surprising that the U of M would make that mistake. They are often sited as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world. Glad you made it to another hospital and were given the medicines needed to get you feeling better. Have you ever discussed macrolides with your doctor? Just…

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I guess I’m confused. I was diagnosed earlier this year with COPD, but “thought” I had no symptoms. Then my husband told me how much I huff and puff, etc. I had written that off to age (I’m 72) and being out of shape. We are full-time RV’ers and bikers and travel in the summer. We usually head for the mountains and I was concerned about the higher…

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Hi mdavis and thanks for your post. There is a flotation device that is designed specifically for small-sized oxygen cylinders. It is not designed for portable oxygen concentrators. Is that what you have in mind? Please let us hear back from you. Leon (site moderator)

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Hi Mary – I’m sorry this happened to you – sometimes it’s more ‘trial and error’ with the medication than anything else. Turns out that the Trelegy medication is not the right one for you. As Lyn said, let’s see what the doctor can prescribe for you that will help you without the side effects. Please keep us posted. Leon (site moderator)

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Hi Mary – It’s always something isn’t it? You’re right that is one of the mentioned side effects of the Trelegy Ellipta. I hope they find something else for you that doesn’t have that effect. Maybe it’ll cost less too.
Best – Lyn (site moderator)

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Hey all, Hope everyone is breathing well today I myself it’s a little tiresome. I had an experience yesterday I thought I would share. I have been using my Trelegy everyday for the past week and a half I don’t use it like I should because I don’t want to get sick. Well, Saturday afternoon I started to feel bad and didn’t think to much about i…