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Hi Leon, I just found your reply and will start REHAB May31st. Haven’t heard from my LUNG Doctor yet? Thank you again.Hoping to meet some people at REHAB with COPD since I Can’t find a Support Group in my home town in Fla

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Lately I have been thinking of the last Stage 4, and don’t know what my feelings are about the next Stage, I know there is not much I can do now and don’t want to be a burden on my children. My Mother died a couple of years ago at 97, She also had COPD but died of CHF or Heart Attack.She lived by herself, didn’t want to live with her daughter’s.…

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I was diagnosed four years ago with my specialist stating the onset was sudden and advanced. I have been hospitalized several times and on the last occasion suffered atrial fibrillation with the medics not […]

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I have had COPD for years I am in the end stage now I’ve had two heart attacks I had three pneumonia has last year been sick a lot this year thanks for listening

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went to my doctor the other day had X-rays done he said that there was something on the X-ray he didn’t like so today I go for a CT scan for the Mast on a loan

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Hi again, Mya2, and thanks for being part of this conversation too. Although we do have material published that concerns COPD, weight gain and loss, and nutrition, we also have many, many articles on all aspects of COPD. I’m sure as you get more familiar with our website, you will see the wealth of material we do have. I thought this…