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Doctor Knows Best?

Recently I changed doctors. At suggestion of primary care physician, I called for second opinion to a pulmonologist he recommended. I was not unhappy with my current doctor, but reached out. Immediately at first visit new doctor said he could make my scores much better, and would no longer awake in middle of night reaching for my rescue inhaler. Okay, he gave me a sample of a new drug. A once a day inhaler that would take the place of my three to five nebulizer treatment.

My new treatment makes me feel brand new

This is not an advertisement. I am someone who has been on nebulizer a since 2009 and 24-7 oxygen for more than a year. I take a once a day inhaler. No nebulizer. In two months, three days I have needed a rescue inhaler in between the once nightly be med. I am like new. Feel so much better. My pulmonologist before was asked could I try one of the new meds a COPD acquaintance-patient had recommended to me. We were both in a swimming pool. I was trailing my twenty-five foot oxygen hose behind me. She was simply enjoying herself in the Florida summer heat, happy to be wet in the pool. My then pulmonologist replied to my question saying that the nebulizer was the most efficient delivery method to take my meds. There is no way to tell this story without sounding like a paid spokesman. But I am not. I am a profoundly happy patient to be using a new, quick, easy, and effective way to receive basically the same meds I was taking by nebulizer. Now I inhale once, hold my breath for ten seconds. Have a sip of beverage to wash down residue of drug in my mouth, and go on with my life. Since my new doctor had only a sample of a similar med to give me at that first visit, I took Anoro Ellipta for two weeks with equally amazing results before using my prescribed Trelegy Ellipta ever since for three months.

My husband noticed a difference too

My husband-caregiver is as amazed as I am. I push the cart at the grocery store instead of riding on the electric cart. I smile so much more. I am having fun. For my previous pulmonologist, I have only regret that he chose not to offer me a new lease on life. But over and above why I am sharing this is my annoyance of how much more Walgreens charges for our meds. I have two pharmacies listed at all my doctors. A local pharmacy and a mail-away 90 day supplied. Locally Walgreens charged me a co-pay of $40 per month for Trelligy. Optum RX charged me no copay. I am a retiree with United Health for supplemental Medicare coverage and a separate RX plan from them. Walgreens, you are ripping us off. First big pharmacy and then the store down the street. Another change in prescription as to strength was called into Walgreens by my primary care physician. My total at pickup was $30. I declined. OptumRX gives it to me with $0 out of pocket. You decide.

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  • sardonicus
    3 months ago

    I feel really sorry for you guys in the US. Although I have to pay $100 dollars every August(I am $30 dollars over the limit in my yearly income, otherwise I wouldn’t have to pay this), but when I read what you pay for drugs I still feel lucky. My rxs cost only $4.10 no matter what the drug unless it is new and not covered. The iron pills I take are not so it costs me $75 for the privilege of taking something that makes me feel worse. As much as I love the good old USA I would not want to live there unless I was wealthy. I cant believe how much you pay for drugs…..sardonicus.

  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    3 months ago

    Hi r0divl, and thank you so much for sharing your successful experience using the Trelegy, as prescribed by the new physician. Sometimes, just the right medication for a patient can make a world of difference and, it sounds like that has been the result of you changing over to Trelegy. Professionally speaking, I have seen patients who have had similar success as you have shared with the community.
    As well, the fact that you can get it at seemingly no cost to you, makes your success story all the more impressive.
    We appreciate your candor here – keep up the good work!
    Leon (site moderator)

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