A Day at the Park With the Boys

Last updated: July 2023

Being a grandparent is one of life’s little pleasures. For many years I never really thought I would have grandchildren. The dream was elusive and fleeting.

After I found out about my diagnosis, all I wanted was to become a grandmother and experience that happiness. Sadly, none of my three children seemed interested in becoming parents themselves.

Then one day, my daughter and son-in-law called me to their kitchen and showed me an ultrasound picture. I was ecstatic, my heart melted, and I was instantly in love.

Embracing the role of being a grandparent

Around the time my grandson was born, my son partnered with a lady with two boys. My son took on the father role of both boys like his own, and very soon, we were introduced to our other two grandsons, making us the proud grandparents of three boys in total.

We took an active role in caring for our grandsons. While my husband did all the heavy lifting, I was the "director."

Together we made it work and appreciated the opportunity to do it. We have grown a close relationship with our grandsons and never regretted the work it has taken to help care for them.

Creating lasting memories

My grandsons are always happy to have a sleepover and spend their days with us. We like to create games to play, build blocks, and sometimes buy them new toys. Our home became their home, and they are comfortable here.

My grandsons got me moving again and back to the land of the living. They kept me busy and made me want to be more and more mobile.

Going to the park, one of the things they loved the most, meant they could show me how high they could swing, how fast they could run, or climb on the rock wall.

Feeling liberated

We hosted many play dates and BBQs in the backyard, with activities, a pool, and lots to eat and drink. While it was always fun, it recently seemed time to spread out and test the waters with the public. Now that Covid-19 had been tamed a bit, I felt it was time.

On a Friday, the first day in June warm enough to spend time outside, we made plans to take all the boys to the park. We filled a picnic basket with snacks, drinks, swimsuits, hats, and towels.

The park we chose to go to had paved paths that suited my scooter and, although well-attended, had lots of room for everyone to stretch out.

The freedom of being out and feeling the wind in my hair is a fantastic feeling. It improves my mental health by lowering my depression and chasing that ‘poor me’ attitude.

Suddenly, and just for a bit, I felt normal again. I felt like I could once again conquer the world, and although I knew it would be just for now, I stayed in the moment and enjoyed every moment of it.

Do you like to get outdoors? Is there anything special you like to do that makes you feel carefree? Please share in the comments below.

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