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Who or What Keeps You Going in Life?

If you are like me, you probably have other things besides your COPD that you struggle with that may hinder your will to keep going every day. COPD is hard enough, but adding other problems to the mix can be much harder.

As I write this, just about every joint in my body hurts, and it is very hard even to sit and type this. I am going through a big flare, and my arthritis medicine is not working anymore. My right elbow is bone on bone.

I’m tired, cranky, and mad at most of the world. I am usually positive and try to be thankful for what I can do each day.

Coping with challenging days and appreciating supportive loved ones

I’m having a pity party day but don’t worry. I don’t stay here long.

We just can’t do this to ourselves. It's not good for us.

I don’t even mean to say, poor me. I know there are so many out there going through so much more than me and who are in much more pain than I am.

I need this day so I can move on, reset, and be happy again tomorrow. My family is what keeps me going.

I love them all so much and want to enjoy every minute that I have with them. I'm pretty fortunate that I have help from all of them.

I know there are some out there with no help at all. My husband, Dave, is there every day to do the things that I just can’t.

When I have these flares, I’m even more helpless, and I feel so bad that he does so much. Dave doesn’t complain one bit, though. He's always there, even though he is going through his own back pain.

He still works every day regardless of his pain and helps me as well.

Living for family and cherishing every moment

When I was first diagnosed with Alpha-1 I was looking forward to my children's graduations and weddings, and that is what kept me going.

I wanted to live long enough to see them all graduate, get married, and have my grandchildren. I have lived long enough to see most of that happen, so my next goal is to see my youngest, who is 24, start his family and for all 5 of my grandchildren to grow up, graduate from high school, and have my great-grandbabies.

They all range from age 6-15, and I want to continue to see every soccer, softball, baseball, football, volleyball, and basketball game, school dance, and track meet of theirs that I can. I want to see all the other wonderful things that they will accomplish in life after graduation.

I can’t explain to you all how much my family means to me, but if you are a parent and grandparent, then you know exactly how I feel. They are the reason I get out of bed every morning to face a new day. I love my life with them all in it and don’t know what I would do without them and my dog, Penny.

Every morning when I wake up, I love to sing to Penny the 5th line of the song Good Day by Nappy Roots. We’re gonna have a good day.

Starting the day with a good mindset helps so much. I can’t believe the difference that it makes.

Find joy

I hope that tomorrow when I wake up, I will be in less pain and be off the pity party, but if not, I will try to reset and start my day with positivity. We’re going to have a good day.

I know that it will be a much better day because I will get to watch my grandsons after school. I’m already happier thinking about it.

How about you all? What keeps you going? Please let us know in the comments below.

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