Still going but it’s more difficult now

I’ll be 67 in a few months. My COPD has gradually gotten worse.

Shower panic

My biggest panic is taking a shower. I get in the shower and do okay for several minutes then get short of breath and start gasping for breath. This is with my oxygen on. My doctor gave me an anti-panic prescription which has helped a little.

Sometimes I get really down

My pulmonologist retired and I had to find a new one which is 110 miles one way. We were working to get me qualified for the lung valve system. My artery blood has failed me for this. I took it badly for a few days. I use a power chair most of the time when my wife and I go to the store etc. I can walk 30-40 feet then have to stop to catch my breath. I am at stage 4 with seriously bad emphysema along with COPD. Sometimes I really get down on myself but I accept it and know I can do only so much and go on. With less than 20 percent lung function, afib, and migraines I don’t know how much time I have left but I know I have to make the best of it.

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