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What’s Your Hobby?

Anyone with any sort of breathing problems and/or lung disease know that some days are just HARD. Using up all of our energy to breathe leaves very little left for things of enjoyment. This leads to incredible frustration and sadness. Having a hobby can not only help pass the time but bring happiness and sunshine to both the hard days and the good ones. Here are just a few examples of COPD friendly hobbies:

Yarn Crafts

Knitting and crocheting are two great hobbies that don’t require a lot of energy. I like to sit and crochet, and even through I don’t know any fancy patterns, I enjoy making scarves for friends and family.

Word Games

Crossword puzzles, word searches, sudoku are all fun ways to pass the time and use your brain.

Pen Pals

I love getting “happy mail.” I also like to write letters. I have a few pen pals and we write each other letters often. There is just something about opening my mailbox and finding something other than a bill or junk mail that makes me smile so much.

Become an advocate!

Write about your COPD journey! I can promise you that there are others out there who will benefit from you sharing your experiences and knowledge. Each of our journeys are different and no two are alike. Others will take tremendous comfort in knowing they are not alone and might find similarities in treatment, symptoms etc.

Low Impact Exercise

Exercise is so important, regardless if we have COPD or not. Staying as active as possible helps keep your body strong. Low impact exercises such as yoga, walking and swimming can be really beneficial for people with lung problems. It is important to go at your own pace, don’t rush into anything high intensity and try to not get overwhelmed. The stretching and mindful breathing that comes with yoga is a popular form of gentle exercise. I am not flexible at all and I still find benefit when modifying the positions and using a chair.


I have found myself staying up half the night with my nose buried in a good book more than I care to admit! Find a new book series and dive in! I personally like to read mysteries and something with a good suspenseful plot. You could also read about something you have been curious about and learn something new!

Having a hobby (or several!) that interests you can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with COPD. Find something that you enjoy and go with it! I would love to hear how you pass the time on both days when your breathing is not the best and on those when you have more energy!

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