What's for Supper? Or Is it Dinner in Your Neck of the Woods?

Last updated: October 2021

Are you tired of the conversation in your house about what's for supper? My husband, Dave, and I have had this conversation for years and it gets old. Trying to decide what to buy, what to make, etc. We often try to find the easiest, quickest thing to make even when we don't have energy left. I think we have found our solution!

Home delivery meal kits

Have you tried any of the home delivery meal kits? We have tried quite a few and ended up liking one of them the best for its quality, good food, price, and prep time. My husband and I can get four meals a week delivered to us for around forty-eight dollars a week. We put our orders in on Sunday and have our meals delivered on Friday. You can pick which delivery day works best for you, and if you want to skip a week or more, you're able to do that as well.

There are about seventeen meals to choose from each week and they also have just the protein choices with chicken or steak if you’d like. I do like the fact that we only get two serving sizes also and they are very filling. I still have been making family-size meals for years even though my kids have been grown and out of the house for a while now.

Other choices

It has been very enjoyable making these meals with my husband. In the past, we have cooked together but something about doing the kits together has been fun. We have also been saving so much money to spend on other things besides groceries. We only need to get a few odds and ends, but it sure beats the grocery bill we used to have!

We tried many meal plans out there. There are quite a few to choose from and most have different special diet plans. My husband and I both try to eat healthily and do low-carb. We tried out a low-carb meal plan that was very delicious, but it was costing us twice as much as we pay now. We still try to eat low-carb, so we cut down on the carb intake with these meals, but in knowing that they are the proper serving size, we don’t feel as guilty when we eat them.

Lower-cost trial

We found a great way to try different meal plans. Most of them start with anywhere from ninety percent off plus free shipping for the first week down to twenty percent off. This gives you a great way to try for a week or two to see if you think you like that plan. Some diets that many cater to include: vegetarian, organic, plant-based, meat, seafood, balanced, keto, paleo, and more. You can also pick meals that are already prepared and all you have to do is heat them.

We still plan on trying others and would love to find a more low-carb plan for cheaper, but until then, we will stick with the plan that we have now.

Have any of you tried these services? What are your thoughts on them? Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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