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Better Health with COPD

When I think of better health, I think of fewer health issues, fewer doctor appointments and yes, better health. It seems strange to talk about better health when you are looking at COPD, but your body is your castle and there is more to this castle than COPD.

Think of your body from head to toe, there are a lot of things there that need taking care of; some health issues you might already be coping with. This is something that we need to do. Look at the possible side effects of your medications, some of these areas we need to take care of now.

Weight: Are you overweight or underweight?

  1. Obesity can affect your respiratory health, your cardiac health, and your overall health. It can affect your arteries, blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, it can cause diabetes and more.
  2. If you are underweight, you likely have decreased muscle mass, muscle atrophy, have to work harder to breathe, it can affect your immune system, it can affect your cardiac health and more.


  • As you age, you can develop dry eyes and other things such as cataracts. Your medication can also affect your eyes and cause cataracts, as well as glaucoma and more. See your optometrist or ophthalmologist periodically.


Dry mouth can cause problems too. Again age, as well as medications, can cause dry mouth.

  1. Dry mouth can stifle talk, and a few drinks of water can help this. Dry mouth can affect your teeth, gums, etc. You really need to stay on top of this, you can be more prone to cavities, gum disease, etc. Yes, age can cause some of this as well. Do see your dentist to stay on top of this. Teeth cleaning can make a difference too.
  2. You may also be more prone to mouth sores and thrush, so be sure to rinse your mouth after taking any inhaled medications. Your doctor can prescribe medications to help rid this.


Swelling of the ankles can be uncomfortable and painful. Your doctor can likely determine that cause.

  1. Elevating your feet can help decrease the swelling. Some people may have to go on Lasix or a generic form of this, which is a diuretic and will help remove the excess fluid in your body. This may cause you to go to the rest room more often.
  2. You may have a medication that is causing the swelling. Your doctor may make some medication adjustments.


Exercise is so important.

  1. Exercise can help improve your cardiac health.
  2. Exercise can help to improve your breathing.
  3. Exercise can help to improve your circulation.
  4. Exercise can help to improve your muscles and joints. Your osteoarthritis and more.
  5. Before starting an exercise regimen, be sure to talk with your doctor to get his approval.

Some of you may see a cardiologist, orthopedic doctor, urologist, osteopathic doctor and more.
These are just a few things and doctors that will help to improve your health. Can you think of other things that would help to improve your overall health?

With these, you may be able to feel better in so many ways. Hopefully too, you will see improved health, that will also help your COPD health.

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