COPD and a Bed

Some years ago, we went bed shopping. I found a fantastic adjustable bed. It was more money than I felt we could afford to spend, even on sale. Hubby was looking for a living room chair. I wandered around the store looking at other styles of beds. If you’re like me, furniture stores can really affect your breathing.

A bed to help my breathing

I started coughing and couldn’t stop. My hubby came over to see if I was okay. The sales lady brought me a cup of water. She asked if I was sick. We told her that I have COPD and between coughs, I tried to explain what it was. She said that I did need an adjustable bed because raising the head of the bed could help my breathing. She knew about COPD. She dropped the price of the bed and we took it. It would be delivered the following Friday.

It really did make a difference

Oh my. It really did make a difference in my breathing - with my head elevated it truly did help. This bed helped my spine stay in alignment which is so important in keeping an airway open. I was so happy. Not only did it help with my breathing, my back and neck felt so much better than they had in a long time. That pain was gone. And I slept!

I can try laying on different parts of the bed, even trying different positions with head and legs. I can adjust the head and legs. This made such a difference with my edema, in feet, ankles, and legs. I also have sleep apnea which adds to my decision on a bed. It seemed like I smiled for a long time at bedtime. Once I got my new bed, things were going well, but my mask kept leaking. Sometime later, I was fitted with a mask that fits. That was so important, and my sleep was the best ever.

Time for a new bed

Here I am, my body is saying that it’s time for a new bed. This one has dips and pockets. Flipping the mattress doesn’t help anymore, it seems that the adjustable bottom mattress got tired. I can also tell that my COPD is affected. I can’t lay straight, so I stack pillows around me, my neck and head. Sometimes I can tell that my oxygen is decreased. Adjusting my body seems to help. Let me say too, I have been on night oxygen for a number of years. I also use it during days as needed. At times, my back screams in pain.

As I said, it's time for a new bed. There are so many selections to choose from. So many brands and prices. Each bed seems to offer something new. How do we know what to choose? I like the styles that let each person have an adjustable side to fit their needs. It seems that some are similar to air mattresses. The shortest drive to a furniture store is 70 miles each way. I need to do my shopping online. Some places offer a 30-day trial, which is important.


Here are some things to think about when choosing an adjustable bed:

  • Is there a warranty on the bed?
  • Is there a warranty on each mattress?
  • Is there a 30-day trial?
  • Is the head of the bed 1 piece or adjustable for two people?
  • Is there a headboard or something we can purchase or make? That way my pillows won’t go over the top of the head of my bed.
  • Do I want a heater at the bottom of the bed for my feet? No, that would likely cause me to overheat.
  • Do I want the bed heater? I’m not sure about that, sometimes I'm so cold, yet at times I tend to overheat and sweat. My back loves heating pads though.
  • I keep thinking that I should just get a plain old bed. They are less expensive. I’ve slept in them and have a very restless night. As hubby said, I need an adjustable bed.
  • I need to remember that I am worth a well-deserved bed, that feels good to sleep in. I am worth it. That’s a strange comment from me. I like that.
  • With COPD, an adjustable bed will help my coughing, and more importantly, my breathing. It will help the sinus drainage and mucus as well. It will help my always painful back and joints.

Time to get serious

I’m excited! Now, time to get serious. With pen and paper in hand, I'm ready to do some comparisons and online shopping. I’m not wanting to advertise a bed manufacturer, style besides adjustable or even store. Because each will fit people differently and will affect each person differently. All I can say is it will be adjustable, and I can’t wait.

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