Anxiety and Fear With COPD.

Anxiety and Fear With COPD

Last updated: March 2023

You may know what it’s like to struggle to breathe, or to worry about having a panic attack, so you are possibly afraid to go out, go to bed, or even be around people.  These are things that many experience.

Anxiety can make you feel sick to your stomach, nervous, and helpless.  Anxiety can give you a heavy feeling, a feeling of hopelessness; it can cause you to feel panic, to be afraid.  Are you afraid to go outside or to be around people? Are you afraid to go to bed because you might not be able to breathe?

Anxiety can cause fear because of so many things.

It’s so important that you talk with your doctor about this or a therapist.  You have so much living to do and your quality of life is important. An antidepressant or other medication might help you to feel better and to function better. Talking and sharing about how you are feeling, can help you to overcome some of these fears and anxious feelings.  Ask if there is a Better Breathers group in your area, where you can participate in a face to face support system.

Do you participate in social media?

There are so many different sites available for those with COPD and their families. Sites where you can talk to others who understand much of what you are going through. They are possibly going through similar things. We also have forums here on where you can discuss things that you want to know or talk about.  Also under these articles, there is a place for your comments.  You aren’t alone.

Maybe your family members need support to understand what you are going through. Share reading material with them. Share social media sites for them too. If you want them on different sites so that you can talk freely, there are individual sites for them as well. COPD is a family disease. Helping them might help them understand what you are going through. This could help all of you.

It takes time to overcome or adjust to changes and things in our lives.

Knowing that we have COPD can cause us to be anxious, even cause panic attack. Maybe there is uncertainty of what the future holds that is causing a reaction. No one, not even a non-COPDer knows what the future holds. Once we realize that we still have living to do, we can fight to accept this and learn how to cope.

Things that you can do for you and your COPD:

Consistency can help your body and mind to function and be strong.  If you are on oxygen, be sure to use it as prescribed also. If prescribed, this is important, to keep your body and organs healthy. Keep a journal, this might help you find a pattern to the things that trigger your anxiety and what might help you to find relief.  Use this to make a list of things to talk to your doctor or therapist. Use your support system as well.

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