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What has hurt me the most with COPD

Sure I am short of breath and get tired but I wasn't prepared for this . After my morning ritual yesterday, I did my powdered inhaler and went about my day. My grass needed cut really bad an it was a cooler 87degrees out so I attempted to mow . I can still do things but it takes a lot longer and some rather long breaks in between. I proceeded to mow. After mowing a rather small area , I started shaking and having a bit of difficulty catching my breath plus sweating . I decided to go in the house and rest a while . After about 2 hours and a change in clothes , I attempted to mow some more it was than 92 out but baby steps. Then I started the sweating shaking and fighting to breathe again so I stopped my task and went back inside. I was in my kitchen and had to use my emergency inhaler and then that is when it happened. I was leaning over the counter and regaining my composure when there was a knock at the door . I went to the door still sweating and huffing and answered it . A young boy was standing on my porch I have never met before. I said hello and he looked at me and that is when the real pain started. He said sir I live across the way and my grandmother and I noticed you are having trouble mowing your lawn. He said he had a rider and it would not be a problem to come finish your mowing for you and it wouldn't take that long and he didn't mind. That is when the realization set in! I hope he didn't notice the tears running down my cheeks. I told him ,I have COPD and though I would love to take you up on your offer, I have to do this myself. He said I understand sir my father died a few years back with what you have and he was a fighter too. He said if you ever get to the point you just cant do it anymore ,just let me know. I asked him his name as he walked away and told him David thank you I might just do that . I went back inside and started to cry. I did not realize a disease like this could strip away your pride !I know now what hurts the most from a conversation with a young boy that wants to help . The realization that you just cant do things anymore and having to much pride to except it. Having to much pride hurts the most !

  1. Hi again, judy2121 - it has been a while - so nice to hear from you again. I am so sorry to hear the challenges you and your husband are facing currently. Pneumonia can be serious, especially when it's been diagnosed in addition to COPD - did the multiple hospitalizations stabilize and treat the lung pneumonia?

    Now that he is home, it's understandable that you have your hands full, being his caregiver and trying to get everything done for the two of you. Glad to hear your children are trying to help somewhat - that must make things a bit easier when they are able to provide the support.

    Keep your spirits up, Judy - we are here to provide whatever support we can for you and your husband.

    Warm regards,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. the doctor did in a why, He said for him to go home and rest. I am lucky he can go to the bathroom by him self. I use my walker, the one with a seat and carry oxygen on walker to heavy for me.
      I put his food on the seat and take it to him works out okay. they are talking about hospice i under stand he can not breath to good at 93 when he is sitting. I think they calling them in to early. he is eating and he still going to cancer doctor. He got a growth on shoulder.
      I did not know i can not go with him to see his doctor because i have copd, a-fib, aneurysm, Heart disease, an a few other things but i am still here. So keep going till God calls me. Thank you for caring Judy

    2. Hi again, Judy, and thanks for your reply and explanation. Clearly, you are managing quite a bit - given your various medical conditions, which you shared (COPD, atrial-fibrillation, aneurysm, heart disease, and a few other things), and your husband at 93.

      My heart goes out to you! If there is anything we can do to assist you or provide support, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.

      I'm hoping your children will be able to ramp up on their level of support for you and your husband at this time. This might be the time to ask for more support from them, if you think that might help.

      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  2. Well been a while sense i been on here. Things are the same but jesse (my husband) came down with pneumonia. He was in the hospital for a few weeks, then went back in 3 days later, then again 2 days later. Then COPD started up so he can hardly do anything. he does not have any breath left to do anything. So, i struggle to have to cook for him and everything. sometimes my daughters try to help. There life is so busy they don't have time for us. But we will get by.

    1. I just have to vent then I will feel better
      Well thank you for being their for us.
      , But me I am in 4 stage. I take anxiety medicine and doctor told me I need to take depression medicine now I don't think I need it..
      Kind makes me feel I going down hill more.
      I take breathing medicine would you believe 4 different kinds in morning and in after noon so I doing 7 a day. how about that! Do you believe I am a caretaker for my husband. had to take him to emergency yesterday. Thank goodness I was breathing pretty good. He said his heart was hurting. so we sat up there for 3 1/2 hr every okay I was worried about his a-fib. But he has a ulcer on his leg. which I change out ever day except 3 days aa week . He helps most of the time with cooking. Then also has kidney cancer. Which he goes to chemo every other week. he still driving so that help out.
      think that is what set my copd off where I gasp for air, he was angry with me I said something and started screaming at me. I have to remember he hurting also with a broken arm with not heal and they can not fix cause of radiation in shoulder for cancer. But doc said the cancer for the last 8 month is dormant.
      So just went to my room. But today hard to breathe and taking staying in my room. I am sorry if I talk your ear off. I feel better.
      thank you judy

      1. Hi judy2121 and thanks for being so candid in your post - we appreciate you sharing with the community. It does sound like you have a full plate, both with your COPD and also being a caregiver for your husband with his own set of complex medical issues. Please feel free to access our website as often and for as long as you want. We are always here to lend an empathetic ear and support. You can vent as much as you need to - especially, if it helps you as you said it did! Hang in there and keep up the good work! Leon (site moderator)

      2. Judy - You can vent here anytime you'd like! It's sounds like you have plenty to vent about. I give you a lot of credit for everything you're doing. As Leon said, it sounds like your plate is very full. I'm sure everyone, including yourself becomes frustrated at times and tempers are short. But, it sounds like you and your husband have been through a lot together and support each other when you really need it.

        If you haven't already, I recommend you join the Facebook community for this group. It's a very active, supportive group and can provide some great support in addition to what you already have. The link is at the bottom of this page.

        Wishing you the best!

        Lyn (site moderator)

    2. Good to hear back from you again, Easy. We're so glad to have you as part of our online community. We pride ourselves on having a wealth of information all related to COPD here on our website for you to use whenever you want to.
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator)

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