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Traveling with COPD - near and far!

Whether you're going on a trip to a faraway destination or just traveling around town: what is your experience when traveling with COPD? Please share about it with us in this forum!

  1. TKemp81 - Good for you for living your life. Traveling can be a wonderful and fun way to live. Phoenix is amazing. I was there in Nov. 2010 and felt so good. Lynn and Leon know much more and had positive remarks of Phoenix in the summer. Stay hydrated, cool and enjoy. Keep us posted on your travel!
    Janet (site moderator)

    1. I can stand the heat with low humidity much easier then anywhere with high humidity and or cold. I'm on O2, 24/7 now but still like to go outside as much as possible. Later this month I'm going to DC for 4 days with Rolling Thunder, (we hope to have over one million riders this year). So yes I also have a POC (portable oxygen concentrator). I have also flown to Europe with it, you can still do what you want to do. Just maybe a little slower and with a little more caution. I ran across the mention from someone that said they bungy corded their POC to a luggage cart, same thing I do, I figured that one out about 1 1/2 yrs ago, you do what you got to do.
      Because of my own stupidity (smoking for 30 yrs) I'm in this position but I'm not going to quit, until I can't go anymore.

      1. Hi seabolt
        Glad to hear of your trip,it sure does help to keep the normal going.I find the busier l keep the better. Been real good after hospital stay and the great care l received.
        Cleaned out my studio yesterday went and bought a bunch of clay and spent All day sculpting omg it is great to get back into it again.
        I had a long period of feeling sorry for myself and blaming all things on the cigarette makers, nice to see you are also putting the blame were it belongs,think for me this is an important part.
        Poc 's must make it so much easier than lugging that tan k around.
        As far as being slower ,forward momentum is alwAys the measure of a good day for me,as long as l am still on the green side of the grass goi ng forward life is good.Kèep your stick on the ice and party on.

      2. Hi bobmmm54 and thanks for chiming in here responding to seabolt. We appreciate you sharing your perspective and viewpoint. You must feel so good being able to be in your studio again. Keep up the good work (and outlook, too!) Leon (site moderator)

    2. I'm about to get my first passport so I can travel as much as I can before my lungs tell me I can't. I'm starting with an easy trip to Phoenix to see one of my best friends. I'm a little worried about the heat.

      1. Phoenix is one of my favorite places to visit, Tkemp81! I'm sure you'll have a great time. One thing about the desert southwest is the dry, arid climate. Once you're out of the sun, it doesn't feel as oppressive as you'd imagine it would. We've hiked in 110 degree weather and felt like it was more pleasant than an 85 degree, humid day in other parts of the USA.
        Remember to go at your own speed and just enjoy yourself. Rest when you need to and have a wonderful time.
        -Lyn (site moderator)

      2. Hi again, TKemp81 and thanks for your post. How exciting that you're going to begin traveling while you feel you still can. Like Lyn, I too find Phoenix to be one of my favorite places. I actually enjoy the 'dry' heat they are so well known for. It's always good to watch the news when they say today it's 120 degrees, but they are expecting cooler weather tomorrow - at 114 degrees. I enjoy that weather PLUS, if you do need relief they have wonderful air conditioning!
        Leon (site moderator)

    3. Hi allisonm and thanks so very much for sharing your extensive and detailed story with the community. Yours is an excellent depiction of just how much you are able to accomplish with your husband (and his COPD) in living an enriching and active lifestyle. With proper planning and all the right equipment, you both are excellent examples of just how good it can be!
      Warm regards,
      Leon (site moderator)

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