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I'd like to know more about the surgical options, i.e., bullectomy and lung volume reduction surgery, especially talking with anyone who has had either of these surgeries. I'm 80 with severe COPD and accompanying factors but other than that, I'm in good shape (heart, brain, body, etc.) and if the surgery can give me better breathing I can keep from muscle atrophy from lack of exercise. Thanks.

  1. helo gruff, i had a bullectmy and a pulectmy 4half years ago i was 68 at the time my lung had colapsed several times and i had severe empherseyma, i had not smoked for a few years but have bad arthritus and rumitiod, the surgan at hospital explained everthing and said if i was still smokeing he would not do the op, anyway they took 3rd of my right lung away and stapled the remaining to chest wall.i have to say it changed my life i do have bad days but mostly good, i was only in hospital for 4 days took a while at home to get back but im still here, if you can, go for it, i wish you all the best and hope you have a good outcome

    1. thank you for sharing your experience with , it sounds like you really have valuable insight on the subject! I hope we will continue to "see" you on the forums. ~Melanie (team member)

    1. Hi again, , and thanks for your prompt reply.
      Sometimes one has to be their own best self advocate.

      Keep at it - you'll get through to her.

      Good luck!
      Leon (site moderator

      1. I will. I'll be trying to contact my pulmonologist via computer but she seems to either ignore me or respond weeks later by phone. I'm not going in to see here because thanks to Covid, I don't leave home very much and if I do, I certainly don't get out of my car.

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