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Staying motivated with COPD

There are so many downsides to COPD that it can sometimes just be easier to sit in a corner and look inward. Particularly the past year, when we all had to stay home, and mostly indoors, I had to really stretch to keep myself upbeat. However, I have found there are several things that motivate me to keep a positive outlook, and keep moving. is a great motivator.

I gain so much from interacting with other people who are dealing with the same issues. When I read how much more difficult it is for others, I realize my problems are small, comparatively. I also recognize things I need to be doing to keep myself in the best possible shape.

My hobbies and interests keep me moving forward.

As I have mentioned, I am building a fairly large wooden dollhouse for my granddaughters. It came in a kit which weighed 35 lbs. Aside from wallpapering and painting window frames in dollhouses for my daughters when they were young, I have never really done woodworking or any kind of construction. However, I couldn't afford the price of a custom-made dollhouse, so I jumped in.
Reading the voluminous instructions, following step by step, picking paint colors, I have been drawn into the project, and look forward to each next phase of construction.

At some point in the process, a work buddy of my husband's heard that I liked dollhouses, and I inherited a large, handmade 1970's farmhouse. It needs refurbishing, and furniture. So that will be my next adventure.

Another driving interest is sewing, which has evolved over the years to become mostly quilting. When our first grandson was born, I decided to make him a baby quilt, and then set a goal of making them for all the babies as they came. This has expanded into quilts for babies of my daughters' friends, nieces and nephews, my husband, and then my daughters and their husbands, and on to my siblings and their spouses. Not to forget my good friends, and my hairdresser. I think I just finished number fifty.

I can't take too much time to whine and give in to whatever symptoms I may have. There are still quilts to be made!

My amazing grandchildren keep me on my toes.

There are ten, ranging in age from 24 down to six. Aside from being careful around colds, I see them as often as possible. I regularly have two from one family, or three from another, overnight. Each has his/her own space and drawer in my sewing room, now workshop, and we have many hours of silly fun there. Sometimes it would be easier not to go up the stairs or dig in a box, but we have our little habits, made-up games, and secret rituals. I motivate myself to keep active by looking at their faces, and listening to their secrets.

What motivates you?

  1. This is very cool! Unfortunately my granddaughters are far past the age when this would have been fun for them, as they are 25 and 22. My woodshop is sitting gathering dust and cobwebs now as I can no longer go out there. I thought about doing mini-projects like this or small ships, etc. but undecided. I have done a lot of Native American beadwork and leatherwork and learned how to hand stitch leather items, so I'm thinking of working on that, but right now I have not yet solved the severe hand cramps I am getting which I think are a side effect of steroids. Maybe. If I can solve that I'll go that way. Pictures. Show us pictures!

    1. Hi Carol, Thanks for the kind words. The dollhouse bug is easy to catch. Let me know if you do. Quilting keeps my mind going. The cool part about making someone a quilt is that you get to picture that person, and think of them enjoying it the whole time you're working on it. I don't do anything fancy. Just squares.

      1. I love your post! Isn't it amazing what we can do if we just try? you have found new hobbies and such delight with each one. You make me want to get a dollhouse because I always wanted one! I absolutely love handmade quilts but learned I was better off leaving that work to someone else. I don't have the patience for the cutting and piecing. Collecting material though is fun!

        Thank you for such a joyful post. Have fun creating!

        Carol (moderator)

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