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Has anyone ever used SSKI to loosen congestion?

It's an old formula that if your doctor or pharmacist is younger than 60 years old they'll scratch their heads. It's by prescription only.

  1. I am up to date on most therapies. Except for the Myriad if Inhalers. Doubt if any one can explAin that plate of spaghetti.

    1. Hi again, HOPS, and thanks for this post. I believe we have 2 articles that may provide the answers you are looking for.
      First this one, which speaks to the subject of bronchodilator medicines:
      And second, this article on the types and variety of inhalers which are commercially available:

      I do hope you find the information is helpful based on your request.
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
      Leon (site moderator)

    2. Great challenge. Along with the articles Leon linked to above, there are a couple others that might help. These are a series of articles that list (or attempt to) all of the COPD inhalers currently on the market. ( 2. ( Inhalers FDA approved within the past year would be the only ones not listed, I think. Does this help? John. Site Moderator.

  2. But if it's a proven treatment. Why not use it? I no there are risk in both parts of this compound. But still would like to try

    1. Hi HOPS - this is something you may want to discuss further with your prescribing physician. There may be concerns for folks who may have allergies to the components of the medication itself.
      I understand this can be frustrating, but there are other treatments available today for managing mucus and secretions. I thought this article might provide you with some additional ideas for therapy: Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

  3. Everything is2 yrs old Except for Grunted. Docs won't prescribe, because they no nothing about it

    1. Hi again, HOPS, and thanks for your most recent post (above), about the newest addition to this thread from another member. I understand that many doctors are not familiar with this type of therapy to treat inspissated and tenacious mucus secretions.

      This form of treatment (SSKI) is from another era. Although I have seen this on the market, it is not commonly used nowadays. You may want to discuss alternatives for therapy with your present doctor. What do you think? Leon (site moderator)

  4. Surprised no one has tried this. Heard it's affect is almost immediate in loosening mucus

    1. I can't find a doctor or pharmacist who knows what is is much less what it does

    2. Hi again, HOPS, and thanks for this recent post of yours (below). It's understandable the challenges you're facing as regards this form of treatment. This therapy is from another era so it's entirely possible the doctors and pharmacists you are presently interacting with are not familiar with it. You may want to focus your efforts on alternative, more current forms of therapy with your doctors and pharmacists. I thought this article might provide you with some insight as to more current methods of treatment: I do hope you find it to be helpful. Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

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