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Spring Cleaning, and Eclipses and Stuff!

Hi, everyone, I hope you are well as we get ready here in Austin for the massive to-do over the eclipse that is going to happen this afternoon. To me it's much ado, as I've seen plenty of them in my time. Anyway, I've been sicker and busier at the same time.
Things are changing at my house, and more than a little. I have a new roommate. His name is John, he is from Baton Rouge, and he is deaf. He and my eldest son Larry Jr. are long-time friends, as he was one of Larry's students at Baylor. After college he moved to Austin and worked for the IRS for years. Then he had a stroke. He lost the use of his right side. He walks pretty well now though with one stiff leg, and though right-handed, he cannot use his right arm or hand. We are getting along great, and he is teaching me how to sign by immersion. Also, his brother passed away last year. Making all this happen has involved a lot of work, as I had left my brother Gene's stuff in place after he passed away last August. I really didn't want to deal with it all on any level. But, I've had to clean it all out now. What a huge job for me in my condition. My neighbors Gerardo and his wife Romelia helped a lot. It still isn't completely done, but we got it clean and John moved in. He had most of his stuff stored in a storage unit, and when he brought it over here it was full of bedbugs! OMG, what a mess. So, I've had to take a crash course to learn how to kill bedbugs, and I am now a semi-expert, fully equipped and trained. Another huge pile of work.
Meanwhile, throughout all this, I've struggled with bad breathing days and mobility difficulties due to my severe COPD, and Osteoporosis as well as Osteoarthritis. I never knew retirement could be so much work!
Well, to make a long story long, this is barely the half of it! After much struggling with trying to sleep, my doctor ordered me a hospital bed. That came last week, so I had to remove my old queen-size bed, which had sat in place, unmoved, for over 25 years. What a mess! I literally just finished that half of my room re-do. Now I've got the other half to deal with. But that's still not all!
My new power wheelchair arrived last week, and boy is it shiny!! Candy apple red! It's a $22k complex chair with a lot of additional functions and is the latest thing! Then the ramp guy showed up to plan. They will be building my new ramp/rear deck in the next couple of weeks. Also, I'll have to get a better mattress for the bed, the one it came with is horrible. All this is a budgeting extravaganza as well as time, cleanup, and change of lifestyle. Once all this is done I will be able to get out of my house and into the sunshine!
It has all been a huge amount of work, and I am tired. Also, my Palliative care nurse neglected to renew my pain meds (Methadone) over the Easter holidays, and I had to endure a week of writhing in my bed, unable to do anything but try to sleep. Insane! But I'm back on track today, and making progress again. Next week I have my next 90-day all-day visit at Texas Oncology, getting poked and prodded and medicated. But my cancer is better. My COPD is meh, due to a lot of stirred-up dust in this house, but hopefully improving. I've had to process a lot of feelings while I got rid of all my brother's stuff, too. All this is keeping my therapist busy! But I am doing it all one day at a time, and today is good so far. I hope It goes well for you all too. Oh, yeah - both my granddaughters are now engaged!

  1. Larry!!! Hey! It made my morning to see your name at the top of my list of unread posts. So good to hear from you.

    It's a comfort for me to hear you have a new roommate in John. While he has his own limitations, I'm sure you two will be able to keep an eye on each other, and it'll be good to have someone to talk to.

    In high school, I met several people who were Deaf. None of us could sign, so we talked at night in AOL chat rooms (the good old days, lol). Later in the year, we were able to petition to start a sign language club, and then eventually they were able to offer American Sign Language as a credit course! So I had two years of formal training. We used to get in trouble for signing during class. 😁

    We used a lot when we were first learning. TONS of info on there and even a dictionary if you're feeling adventurous. I'm glad you're learning to communicate with him. There are many Deaf people with families who just didn't bother. It makes a difference!

    So glad to hear about your new powerchair! I am always impressed to hear the mileage they get per charge. You can get out now and see things, when you feel up to it!

    I'll be thinking of you as you continue to sort through your brother's belongings. I hope there are more good memories than bad. Remember to go slow and take breaks -- physically and emotionally. I know you know that, but I'm just doing my job.

    Please keep us posted! We're not going anywhere and we'll always keep your seat warm.

    Take care! Hugs to you. -Melissa, copd team

    1. kloker,
      I was wondering here lately how you are doing. Sounds like you are busy bee! Your world seems like it is always changing. But sounds like the changes are good. As usual, you are coping and overcoming as you always do! I am glad to hear your cancer is better. Hopefully after it all gets done, your COPD will get under control also. Hang in there my friend, you inspire me to keep prodding along no matter the circumstances! Take Care and God Bless!

      1. Hi there kloker, It's good to hear from you, as always I wonder how you are getting on my friend,it put a smile on my face when I saw your name pop up. Sure sounds like you have been busy, good to hear about your roommate John also, YEP it is definitely good to read how you are getting on.X

        1. Larry, so excited to see you out here again! WOW what an adventure you have been having, good, bad, ugly and back to GOOD again. Changes are hard, but sounds like as you are getting some of these things handled that it's all looking good. Congrats on the new roommate and learning another language to boot. Cadillac chair, more independence SCORE for you! Can't wait for more updates as things continue on. Thank you for this person needed an uplift and inspiration, I appreciate you and your time.... Best to you Larry

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