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Spring Cleaning and COPD

This month, is discussing Spring Cleaning as it relates to the condition - because living with COPD can make those household chores even more difficult! Here at we want to help support each other in any way we can - so let's talk about making that housework easier...

Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share?

Would you tell us what your least favorite chore is and how you get around to doing it?

If you're thinking of anything else related to this topic, come join the forum conversation!!!

  1. Great ideas Sandy! That salt would probably do as good as the old fashioned comet. It seems that the graininess of the product is what makes a big difference, plus salt has other bonus. Have you ever tried baking soda? It's messier, but does a good job too. Using lemons is a great idea. thank you.

    1. Mrs GC the big thing to remember is to pace yourself. When you start to wheeze, are you using a certain product or doing something in particular? It might be good to keep notes, that might help to find out if a certain product is causing that or if it's your copd causing that because of activity as well. There are great ideas in the link that Jenn gave you.
      If you find something that helps you, please come back and let us know. I hope you get some relief and that you have a breathe-easy night/day.

      1. kwitter2 that's excellent advice and much easier to clean as you go. Swiffers are great. I have a long handled one too that I can use to get into the corners of walls, etc. I also use a damp rag when dusting. My tolerance isn't very good with products, My daughter told me to try Biokleen and it's not too bad. Using minute amounts it's great on the floors, wiping up a stain, and more. A little bit is enough, but it's a nice change from vinegar and water. I'm grateful that my hubby is able to do the tough cleaning and vaccuuming, plus more. Peroxide is also good to use for many things.

        1. Hi Sunsh1ne and thanks for the cleaning tip in which you utilize salt and fresh lemons for cleaning. It's always helpful to hear what other people are doing while cleaning to avoid the noxious smells.
          We appreciate you sharing with our online community.
          All the best,
          Leon (site moderator)

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