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What does everyone else do for a sore nose from the dry winter air?

My tool box this winter includes buying a "Cool Air" humidifier this winter, changing the cannula often and polysporin.

  1. Hi , and thanks for posting this question - it's a good one!!

    What works for me (and my family), is the Aquafor product line. It was recommended to me by our ENT physician many years ago. We have been successful using it ever since.

    I would suggest folks check with their doctor before using any(prescription or over-the-counter), medications. It is the most prudent approach to starting new products.

    Warm regards,
    Leon (site moderator)

    1. Thank you for commenting on this painful little issue during the dry winter weather. So I'm on the right path than with my humidifier. I developed the ritual of never moving aboot the house without my hand on the hose to act as a safety brake in case I get a snag and rip it off my face! Ouch! (Jeff, Site Moderator)

      1. Hi - what a great tip!! I never thought of suggesting (to patients), keeping one's hand (as a buffer), on the hose. That truly is a good safety measure when using oxygen with an elongated supply of oxygen tubing!!

        You can bet this will become part of my arsenal of tips to relay to suitable patients using supplemental oxygen at home.

        Thank you!
        Leon (site moderator)

    2. Everyone is going to jump up and down convinced I'll burst into flames if I do this, but I've been using Vicks VapoRub or Mentolatum (if you can find it) for years to lightly coat the inside of my nose to relieve the soreness.
      I can't figure out how this stuff can catch on fire unless you hold a match up to your nose while inhaling oxygen, but it appears to be discouraged on many websites.
      It's your decision, but it sure does help my sore nose and chapped lips as well.

      1. Hi glacesoundracer, and thanks for joining in the conversation. There are many safety recommendations and guidelines in place for those using supplemental oxygen in the home setting. For everyone's convenience and knowledge, here is a link to an article which focuses on these safety do's and don'ts: I do hope our community members find this helpful in a very practical sense.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator)

      2. yes.
        I hope you are having a good day!
        Janet (site moderator/

    3. Try Ayr Nasal Mist and Gel --designed for just such issues. Also Rhinase mist and gel from profonda. Ayr products are available Walmart and drug stores.

      1. thank you for joining the conversation with what works for you. Its always best to consult your Doctor for what works best for each person. March is here and warmer weather is coming soon we hope. Hope your having a great day. Jeff (Team Member)

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