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Software and Apps

With technology, almost everything is easier. I am curious to know what are some of your favorite apps that help you with copd.

  1. Hi glacesoundracer, and thanks for your post. You've posed an excellent question!! While I'm hopeful others in the community will see your question and respond, I thought you might gain some additional information from this article: In it, our own Karen

    1. I also found My last cigarette app to be useful. I hope some more members can chime in.

    2. Hi again, glacesoundracer - glad to hear you have an app for cigarettes that you feel is helpful. I also was hoping others would chime in here once they saw your inquiry.
      If you want to expand your reach a little, you may want to post the same question on our COPD Facebook platform. We have many members there who interact throughout the day on all aspects of COPD.
      You will find the link on the bottom of this page.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

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