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Oxygen tubing

I am having major problems with the tubing curling and pinching. Any suggestions on what kind of tubing you use. Thank you

  1. I have purchased a purple kink resistant tubing that doesn’t twist up as badly however the downside is, it will pull off of the concentrator more easily. It isn’t as snug which seems strange.

    Also there is a hose that is called Tidy Tubing Self Retracting that comes in 15’. I haven’t tried it, I think it would take at least 2 connected and you would still be on a “short leash”. But l am always looking for a better hose!

    One thing I have found, is using a 2’ cannula keeps the connector from getting stuck under furniture and stopping me dead on my tracks!

    Best luck in finding supplies that are easy to work with. Becky (moderator)

    1. I have one 25 ft tubing on the Concentrator plus Four 7 ft tubing's joined with a tubing swivels. I have no coiling of the tubing. What I do when putting new tubing in is to stretch each piece a lot to remove any curls in the tubing first. To stretch them my wife holds one end and a hold the other and I pull it real hard and hold it stretch out for a few seconds. Been doing this for a few years and I have no kinking or curling of the tubing.

      1. Thank you for that suggestion. I will have to give it a try.

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