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Overnight visits with oxygen

Trying to find out why I can't use my portable concentrator to sleep overnight when I visit family.

  1. Birdie, Carol brings up a good point. Did your doctor write your Rx for continuous or for pulse? I was told I needed continuous, but even with a portable that had 2 lpm continuous, it was not enough O2. Have you asked your pulmonologist about this?

    1. Yes, the same thing happened to me while renting a portable O2 unit. What they call 2 lpm is not the same as my home O2 concentrator. On that same 2 night getaway, I also wore a mask for several hours. Due to both factors, I ended up in the hospital.

      1. That's very scary. How are you feeling now? We appreciate your presence in our community and are wishing you all the best. - John M. ( Team)

    2. Yes it does. My problem is that since I just started on oxygen I am going to visit without it or just use the portable. I guess I was wondering if the portable would do me more harm then good.

      1. I was told that our breathing patterns may be very different sleeping, such as breathing through mouth or more shallow breathing. Since most portable concentrators are a pulse device, the oxygen may not be adequate. I hope this helps.

        Carol (moderator)

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