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New on Oxygen

I got on oxygen last week and am curious to know if I am harming myself with or without.. A friend got all freaked when I got on it. My O2 sat % has been in the low 80s daytime and 70s or lower at night. She said I would become addicted to it and need more and more. I don't think she has ever gone without air and doesn't comprehend how it helps me feel a little better which is something.. Also was put on Ipratropium Bromide nebulizer medicine and albuterol rescue inhaler. All new to me!

  1. That is exactly correct, dannelso! Patients with COPD who have had supplemental oxygen therapy prescribed, require the oxygen to make them feel more comfortable. People do not become 'addicted' to oxygen, but rather need it to maintain the proper level of oxygen in the blood. All the best, Leon (site moderator)

    1. You don't become need it

      1. Hi twovillages - it sounds like you're on the right track. After having the overnight oxygen study, it appears (from what you've said) the physician prescribed supplemental oxygen for you. That should certainly make you feel more comfortable as it should enable you to maintain oxygen saturation in a safe range.
        If you are looking for additional diagnostic testing, you may want to speak with your physician about pulmonary function testing and, as you mentioned, sleep apnea testing. You may find it helpful to review this article:

        Carbon dioxide retention can be a characteristic of some types of COPD. It's best diagnosed with blood gases. You may want to speak with your doctor about this as well. Remember, that shortness of breath (SOB) is one of the characteristic symptoms of COPD. You may find it helpful to look over this article as well:

        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator)

        1. I was put on 2L if oxygen at night after an overnight oximeter study. I believe the study showed it fluctuated frequently, but only dropped down to a low of 84 infrequently. I wasn't tested for sleep apnea, and wonder if I should ask about another type of test. I also wondered how they determine if I could have associated issues with retaining CO2 at night. I wake up feeling panic, and some SOB occasionally, but my oximeter will show saturation at 99%.

          I wonder if CO2 retention is common, and easily determined without an ABG done. We all try to stay mentally alert with this awful disease. Carefully monitoring oxygen saturation, and pushing physical exercise is really important with me.

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