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Nasal irritation

Since going on oxygen this past Spring, I have been experiencing nasal irritation that results in sneezing and a very runny nose. My nighttime oxygen is through my CPAP machine which adds humidity. Prior to the oxygen prescription, I did have some dry mouth related to the CPAP but now the dry mouth is extreme and my nasal passages get sore which wakes me during the night. I am also finding it difficult to breathe through my nose during the day as it results in me sneezing even more. I have tried Saline spray, netti pot and naso gel to ease the irritation; all to no avail. I have not tried petroleum jelly yet but will. Does any one have any helpful advice on dealing with the issue?

  1. Hi. Petroleum jelly ruins the integrity of the nasal cannula. My nose had become so dry that had bloody matter was coming out of my nose.
    There is this stuff called KY Jelly that is generally used for restoring vaginal moisture and is compatible with rubber. Just a few dabs with a q-tip does the trick.

    1. Hi hotrodlvr, and thanks for joining in the conversation here. You've hit the proverbial 'nail on the head' concerning the use of products to soothe the irritation that can be associated with the use of supplemental oxygen and the nasal mucosa.
      As mentioned previously in this particular forum, petroleum-based products are to be avoided when using supplemental oxygen as they can pose an increased risk for fire related injuries. The product you mentioned (K-Y jelly), is considered to be water-based and therefore is considered one of the safe alternative products.
      We appreciate both your input and you feedback.
      All the best, Leon (site moderator

    2. Thank you. I will purchase some KY Jelly and try it out!

  2. Hello ! I was going to suggest all of the things that you said towards the end. One thing that is a no-no is the petroleum jelly with oxygen. Have you tried a water humidifier on your oxygen machine? Here is an article that explains that- Here is another great article that talks about dry nose and mouth that you may find helpful. Best, Jackie (Moderator)

    1. Thank you for the articles. I have not tried a water humidifier on the oxygen machine as I have a humidifier on my CPAP machine which I bleed the oxygen through. Thankfully, I only use the oxygen at night and a POC as needed during exercise and times when I am more active and, now that it is warmer the dryness has abated some.

    2. You're welcome ! Yea, if you have the humidifier there is no sense in putting it on your concentrator if you only need it for exercise. I'm glad to hear that your dryness has abated some. Best, Jackie (Moderator)

  3. Being new to COPD, I enjoy listening to all of your stories. I want to thank all of you.

    1. Hi again DTW - and thanks for your kind words. I am glad the stories here in our online community resonated to clearly with you.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon (site moderator

  4. I have the problem on oxygen 24/7 with runny nose thanks for thanks for the tip

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