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my doctor diagnosed me with COPD

I had flu and then bronchitis. This has been going on about a month. Was given prednisone two times, pulicort twice a day and an albuterol nebulizer . Still not getting better so I went back and he diagnosed me having COPD. He didn't even tell me but put it on the report. Gave me Breztri to try for 4 days and then to call him back.

  1. sal678,
    I do not understand doctors that do not communicate with their patients. When I had mycobacterial pneumonia two years ago, my doctor immediately diagnosed me with COPD. After getting out of the hospital, I took a breathing test, and the doctor called me to tell me of the results when they were available. If the non-communication continues with your current doctor, I would look for another doctor. I am lucky because my PCP is an internist as well as a pulmonologist. If your current doctor is not a pulmonologist, I would suggest looking for one. Take care and God Bless!

    1. How maddening, . Did your doctor do any tests to confirm the diagnosis? Are the medications helping? gave you some great advice about finding a pulmonologist. If you do have COPD, a pulmonologist is the kind of specialist you need. If you don't have COPD, a pulmonologist can confirm it. Either way, you will get greater peace of mind. Know that we are here for you whenever you need us. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

      1. I completely understand where you are coming from I went to the ER because I was having trouble breathing and some chest pain and my vitals were a mess and they discharged me saying possible pneumonia and to follow up with my PCP. After getting home I went over my paperwork and there is where is saw the same thing COPD with mild paraseptal emphysema and they never told me, the emphysema was in my right lung but now is in both lungs. I was really upset that the hospital didn't tell me anything and it is a very serious condition. I am finally going to call my PCP to refer me to a pulminologist I played it off figuring if the hospital didn't care maybe its not that bad but I wake up coughing with phlegm and I get short off breath easily and am very concerned about it and my PCP said it was up to me to me to read it and follow up on it go figure. So I was scared to make an appointment being a previous smoker of cigarettes for 43 years and now I vape. So once I get to the pulminologist I will get all my ducks in a row.

        1. What a terrible way to find out you have COPD, . I am glad you are advocating for yourself and insisting on seeing a pulmonologist. If you really want to quit vaping, you will find lots of support here from people who undertsand the strength of addiction. Here is a wonderful article from one of our health leaders with some tips for quiting: I hope you find it helpful. Let us know whether you get that appointment and how it goes if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

        2. Be glad you are waking up to phlegm being coughed up. You would be in serious trouble if it was not coming up.
          Adios THOMAS

      2. bri178, I understand your concern and feelings. I was in the hospital for pneumonia over Easter. I have had a 6mm nodule in my rt. lung for years, and I have been getting low dose CT scans at the VA every year. So you can imagine when I received a letter from the hospital the "Your CT Scan showed some abnormalities, please f/u with your PCP". Scared the day lights out of me. I emailed the letter to my pulmonologist and he requested the a copy of the CT Scan. The hospital only sent him a copy of the report. 1week later I had to go to the hospital, get the CT Scan on a disc and over night it too him. Told me that the original nodule was the same, but apparently I had developed additional nodule in the right lung. Last year my pulmonologist removed five ZEPHR Vales and I believe that is where the new nodules are coming from. But even my pulmonologist or his CNP wouldn't call me and give me the results. I had already had a CT Scan scheduled at the VA, had it done and in two had the report in my hands. The next day the VA pulmonologists called me and said I needed to get the report and it was available two days after the scan. That is the difference between the VA doctors and the community doctors. I'm not sure where I stand but this "New Medicine" for insurance purposes really stinks. I retired as a Health Care Administrator and Physician's Assistant after 25 years of service in the Federal Government. Insurance companies are controlling the doctors purse strings and Medicare. Thank you for letting me vent.

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