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My doctor!

Why won't my doctor tell me what stage my COPD is at.

Is there any way I can find out what stage I am

  1. perhaps instead of asking what stage u are at try to lead with " what is my lung compacity currently at based on ur test" My new pulmo team does not use stages but rather degrees mild, moderate severe { severe is where i fall lungs at 42 % }
    perhaps this may get u an answer...

    1. I am so glad Ian, that you have found where you are at with your copd, and level.X

    2. thank you, it really does make a difference having a team that will speak n share w/you/me.

  2. Are you on MyChart or some other patient portal? I can log into my account at MyChart and see everything relating to my care. Bloodwork, X-rays, CT and PFT are all listed in detail. Even doctors in private practice are using patient portals now. Ask your health care provider.

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      I do not understand a doctor's reluctance to communicate with their patients. When I finished with my PFT test, I asked the technician for the results. She was happy to oblige. The next day, my pulmonologist called me at home to discuss the results and the treatment plan moving forward. Sounds like it might be time to look for another doctor who is willing to talk about your condition openly. It seems to me that you should be able to ask any question and get the answers you deserve. Especially since you are paying the bill. I guess you could try to contact the establishment that administered the PFT test and see if they would release the test results to you. Since you paid them also for the test, you should be able to get the results. I, myself, would bug the doctor daily until I got an answer. If that didn't work, it would be see you later. I will find another doctor. Good Luck. Take Care.

      1. Thanks for the advice. All he does is print me of a fit note and put me on antibiotics and steroids. Maybe your right . Time to change doctor.

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        I have been very lucky to get a fantastic doctor with a great medical team backing him up. He was the doctor on staff at the hospital when I was in ICU last year with mycobacterial pneumonia. HE told me from the get-go everything that was going on and what needed to happen. I got showed all my CT scans and test results. He held nothing back. He also told me he would be my primary care physician if I wanted him to be. I jumped aboard and the rest is history. Him and his medical team are the most responsive medical team I have had my entire life bar none. I feel so lucky to have them. I wish everyone had such a great medical team. I am curious if your doctor is a general practitioner or a pulmonologist? Mine is a pulmonologist and an internist. Good luck in your search and here is hoping you get a medical team you deserve.

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