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My Dad

My dad was diagnosed with COPD back in 2019 and was put on oxygen May 2020. He getting winded doing simple task like walking to the kitchen and the other day his foot and leg were swollen and today I notice his cheeks were swollen and at one point his face was dark like he wasn't getting circulation. I don't I know if any of those are COPD related but it scared me. He's keeps saying he's going to go to the hospital but keeps putting it off and he told me it's because he's scared that if he does he might not comeback.
Every morning I wake up scared that my dad didn't survive the night. I went through that trauma with my mom and I don't know what would happen if I have to experience that with my dad too.

  1. Hi @Ricky33, and thanks for your post. My heart goes out to you, as caring for one's aging parent can be filled with concern and anxiety for (grown) children.

    The symptoms you've shared here with the community (swelling of extremities, color changes in the face, and being short winded), can certainly be associated with COPD. They can also be indicative of other medical conditions that are often connected to COPD. These are called comorbidities.

    As much of a toll as this is taking on you (and that is a genuine emotional strain), your Dad too has his own fears when he says he is afraid his trip to the hospital will be one way! This is challenging for both of you.

    Do you think your Dad might be receptive to seeing his private physician (rather than going to the hospital or emergency department)? You could go with him and help him every step of the way. Do you think this might work?

    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

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