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Mad at Myself

I quit smoking 35 years ago and I still have COPD because of it. My mother had it for years also and lived to be 93 but she had a positive outlook. My problem is mucus in my throat. I live on cough drops and hot liquids. Does anyone have any ideas to deal with that problem?

  1. @jillbiller1

    At a glance, I thought your post was one I'd written because I could relate to it so closely. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. I've been getting mucinex 42 count, (1200 mg) on Amazon for $24.00 - the price varies occasionally by a dollar or two.

  2. Mucinex 1200 expectorant, NOT DM. DM has a cough suppressant, you don't want that, you want to cough it up/out.
    Dollar Tree stores sell both a 4 hour tablet and syrup both with guaifenesin - the ingredient in mucinex. I use mucinex before bed.

    1. Hi @PennyHarlow, and thanks for sharing the success you're having using this medication (Mucinex). We appreciate your feedback.

      We generally suggest that folks always check with their own physician prior to starting any new medication (prescription or over-the-counter). It is a prudent way to approach using new medications for ourselves.

      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

      1. I use 1200 mg, extended release Musinex. It's some pretty good stuff!
        It comes in a 600 mg, so be sure to get the 1200 mg!

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