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Lung Valves for Emphysema - Patient Stories. I had Zephyr valves placed the end of March 2019. Got my life back!

  1. Hi GrandmaCheri, and thanks so much for sharing the success you're having following this procedure. We really appreciate this type of feedback from community members. We value your candor here.

    Warm regards,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. I am interested in contacting others who have had the Zephyr valves placed and how they are doing. I am heart failure and copd patient.

      1. Hi GrammaCheri,
        I had the valves inserted a year ago, and it has really helped. Like my pulmonologist says, I still know I have it, but I have gone from 24/7 use of oxygen to mostly just at night. What has your experience been?

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