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Lung crackles for a year, postural, help please

Hi, I've had lung crackles for a year now, and they are affected by my posture, so when I go drs he can not hear them. .. What should I do , ? because my health is not severely problematic, should I wait until crackles become louder then they might be heard, ? Dr already thinks I'm hypochondriac in past... The crackles have been same intensity for a year..... Also it is a fact that Nhs drs are overrun and overworked these days.

  1. Hi again, - thanks for this post and comment. I did notice you had made another comment elsewhere on our COPD platform, for which I was able to provide a reply. For your convenience, here is a link to that conversation: Is it your concern over 'crackles' that is causing you to feel frustrated?
    Generally speaking, lung breaths sounds can be very telling (for the physician), who is auscultating the chest. I thought you might gain some additional insight from this article by our own : In it, you will find information about breath sounds within the pulmonary system. I do hope you find the information to be helpful for your concerns.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon L (author/moderator)

    1. sorry the article about coughing is not helpful for my issue . Isn't there any other options on this COPD site please ?

    2. Hi again, Complications - I am sorry that you didn't find anything of value within the article I shared.
      You may be aware, we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your own safety), but your concerns certainly warrant further attention.
      You may be interested in learning more about lung breath sounds. When it comes to crackles, what a patient describes (as crackling), compared to what a physician hears (as crackles), can be different. Perhaps this article (from the National Institute of Health), will provide you with additional information:,deeper%20pitched%2C%20courser%20crackles).
      It must be somewhat frustrating for you to hear the lung sounds you described but the physician cannot. This also may be something you'll want to continue to discuss with the doctor. Between you and him, you should be able to determine what, if anything, should be done next.
      Wishing you well,
      Leon L (author/moderator)

  2. Hi there. I hear how frustrated you are -- it can be so annoying when a medical issue isn't clear or present when you can finally see a doctor. Since you said the crackles come at certain times and with specific positions, is it possible to take a video recording of the crackling as it occurs at home? This way you have something to share with your doctor. Just a thought, feel free to disregard if it doesn't work for you. Take good care of yourself, okay? -Melissa, team

    1. Thankyou Melissa, I will give that a go , previously video was not loud enough though, and I do have other red flag health problems, so .. I was just going to give up on this site and everything. Thank you.

      1. , hopefully Melissa's suggestion works for you. We are here whenever you need any support and will always do our best to provide that for you! We hope you continue to be a member of our community. All the best, Sam S. (COPD team).

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