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living with COPD and Diabetes

Can anyone give me some information on living with COPD and Diabetes?

  1. Hi Betty, and thanks for your post - you've posed an excellent question. I see my colleague, Carol has already responded to your inquiry - I do hope you have an opportunity to look over her comment.
    In addition, I thought you might gain some additional insight, for your concern about COPD and Diabetes, from this article, which focuses on that very subject: I do hope you find the information is helpful in a practical way.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Hi Betty! I have both COPD and diabetes. It took some time, but I found that following a diabetic diet helps me breathe better. It is important with diabetes to keep your carbs lower and eat well balanced meals. The same is true with diabetes. The only time I have an issue is if I am put on prednisone because of an exacerbation. Then I have to monitor my blood sugars very closely and take extra insulin because of the increase. Keeping track of your blood sugars and your copd symptoms in a journal is helpful. A nutritionist knowledgeable of both diseases can also be helpful. The bottom line, they can both be managed together with exercise, diet and your prescribed meds. Good luck and reach out anytime.

      Carol (moderator)

      1. Thank you very much. I'm not on insulin but thanks for the information.

      2. You’re welcome! That’s great you’re not insulin! Just watch carb intake, and exercise really is the best for both. Good luck!

        Carol (moderator)

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