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Just got diagnosed with COPD

I go in to my primary doctor hopefully tomorrow since I just got told in ER today I have COPD.I wondering if any of e has any suggestions on how to sleep /at least get some.And is it normal to feel bloated! I feel miserable.

  1. Hi and thanks for your post - you have certainly come to the right place!
    I would like to address both of your concerns.
    First, when it comes to COPD and sleep, you may be facing some challenges, as you indicated. I thought this article, which speaks to this very topic, might provide you with some insight for better sleeping:
    You may also be aware that COPD is often accompanied by bloating for some patients with a COPD diagnosis. This material will help you to understand more about it (bloating), and how to address it.
    First, part 1:
    And next, part 2: I do hope you find this information is helpful in a practical way.
    I will wish you 'good luck!' at tomorrow's appointment and ask that you please check back and let us know how this all turns out for you. Facing a new diagnosis can be formidable - I am hopeful the doctor will provide you with information that helps you to get started managing it.
    Please know you are always welcome here in our online community.
    Best regards,
    Leon L (author / site moderator)

    1. thank you for the information

    2. Hi again, - it is my pleasure, If we can assist you with anything else related to COPD, please let me or any other moderator / team member know.
      Leon L (author / site moderator)

  2. Hi , I was just diagnosed with COPD in April of this year, on my oldest son’s birthday. Went to ER because I couldn’t breathe. Not only copd, sepsis and pneumonia in my upper right lung. Now on trelegy and still using backup inhalers. I have to do a sleep study. But for me what sleep I don’t get at night , I take a two hour nap during the day. I’m always tired and coughing all the time. Plus I have no ideal if there’s a diet I should be on.

    1. Hi , and thank you for sharing your recent medical history with the community in this forum. Based on what you've shared with us here, your initial diagnosis (inclusive of an upper right sided pneumonia plus sepsis), is of significance. It does sound like you were treated for that and are now on maintenance medications, inhalers as needed, and anticipating a sleep study.
      It can be challenging dealing with new diagnoses and clearly, your medical team is on top of this! Since you've expressed concern and interest about a nutritional / diet recommendation for your present medical condition, I would suggest you take this up with your diagnosing physician(s). Some doctors are able to guide their patients with recommendations for proper eating routines and I would hope, your medical team is no exception.
      What do you think?
      Leon L (author / site moderator)

      1. Thank you , that helps a lot. I’ll have to do that at my next appointment. Because it seems like chips , some meats and cake, besides some fluids brings on the cough I don’t like. And coughing most of the day and night is really bad. I lose my breath and at times it feels like I cracked a rib or two.

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