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Just a thought about inexpensive percussion therapy

I've been noticing the popularity of deep tissue massagers lately and wondered if they would have a similar impact as an alternative to expensive percussion vests that my insurance won't cover. The steady vibrations seem, in theory, as though they would be great at loosening mucus.

Does anyone have any personal experience using the deep tissue massage guns as a COPD relief?

  1. Hi , i'm so glad you are finding our community helpful and there is nothing wrong with researching and finding all the information you can to take with you to your doctor appointments. It's why we're here, to share experiences of those with COPD and offer support so that maybe you can find something that helps you too. I'm sorry to hear about your town, that does sound very frustrating but I am glad that you are getting the care you need! Wishing you a peaceful day. All the best, Sam S. (, Team Member).

    1. Hi , that's a great question and I'm confident some of our other community members will chime in here too. In the meantime, since we can't offer medical advice over the internet (for your safety!) I think this would be a great conversation to have with your doctor to see what their opinion would be. Please keep us updated if you do! All the best, Sam S. (, Team Member).

      1. Thanks. I see the similarities, and thinking at worst I waste $100 on something that doesn't work. I just know when I can clear the chest of fluid I feel 1000% better. I've got it on my to-do list that I keep of new questions or information to follow-up on when I see the doc though. I'm a newbie here and loving the community - but, admittedly I'm probably doing some deep diving a little early out of the excitement of just finding - you'd be surprised how "accepted" COPD is here in rural farm land where they spray all the fields with chemicals and have a huge COPD and cancer cluster. In a city of 30,000 people we have our own cancer center and respiratory clinics but nobody (not even the doctors) will admit we have a cluster.

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