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I'm the New (old) Guy . . .

I'm a 60 yo man.

Diagnosed almost two years ago with heart failure and COPD.

I smoked for 35 years and sniffed things for a while.
Felt good at the time.

Quit smoking 4 years ago and the other stuff 12 years ago.

My niece just became a doctor. She can answer the mechanical questions. She told my they're not trained in feelings or hand holding. (she is brutally honest, I love that.)

I've been poking around here for a bit. Kinda overwhelmed. I'm not used to a kind caring environment.

Not sure where an introduction belongs.

  1. Hi Glen,
    I too am new on this site. I have already learned alot. One thing I know is you have to remain active or you will loose it! Hope you the best!

    1. welcome! You made a great introduction. Congratulations on your “quit” smoking 4 years ago. That was a huge! Best wishes to your niece on becoming a doctor.
      We are here for you.
      Janet (site moderator/

      1. Welcome Glenn. I've found this site very helpful, and it's a good place to ask questions. It's also a place that doesn't stigmatize smokers or ex-smokers. I feel there has been way to much of that over the years.

        1. Welcome! I'm so glad you found us. Leon pointed you in the right direction with the article for newcomers. Continue to poke around all you want and if you see anything that interests you or that raises questions, please feel free to reach out. We're more than happy to help any way we can.
          Take care,
          Lyn (COPD site moderator)

          1. Welcome Glen 🌈

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